Orlando, Florida

ORGANIZER: Russ Golata

CONTACT: blacksox@att.net

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5 Responses to Orlando, Florida

  1. Russ Golata says:

    Meeting at Noon at the Library steps and lawn at Rollins College

    Our voices will be united into one powerful unstrument to promote change.


  2. ;Rhoade says:

    Thank you for being on the ball and getting into this, Russ, I just caught on after following some 100,000 Poets for Change folks on Burningman.org (and it seems like the 50,000 people there at Black Rock this year were all poets).

  3. Russ Golata says:

    September 24 2011-100 Thousand Poetic Voices

  4. Russ Golata says:

    Central Florida–lets make a statement the world can not ignore..
    Your help is needed to make this work


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