Ellington’s- Toronto, Ontario, Canada (WPM)


Ellington’s Music & Cafe

805 St. Clair Ave. W.

Sunday Poetry at Ellington’s joins 100,000 poets for change Toronto Sept. 24, 1:00PM to 5:00 PM

Clifton Joseph, Chi Kalevar, Audry Redman, Jen Kunlire, Marita Hollo with Jenny Blackbird, Kabaka Pyramid, Howard Jerome, Luc Guillen, Sea J., Dwain Wellington, June Harris, Salimah Valiani, Tom Smarta, Steve Hall, Charlie Bobus, Ariel Len, Leah, and Maria Elena Mesa


100 thousand poets for change toronto mission statement

Our goal is to bring poetry back to the center of cultural life. In the same way that the revolution in communications technology has sparked revolutionary movements around the world, so we, the poets of all nations, one hundred thousand strong, will speak on the same day to express our solidarity with those who cannot speak for themselves. Whatever else, poetry is freedom. By speaking to a world-wide audience using Facebook, Twitter and Skype, we will remind all of us of poetry’s great gift to the human spirit – delight.



ORGANZER: Marty Smith

CONTACT: martyhsmith@aol.com

ORGANIZER: Charlie Huisken

CONTACT: charles@thisaint.


Organized in conjunction with World Poetry Movement

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