Brattleboro, Vermont

ORGANIZER: Verandah Porche




YouTube videos for WriteAction Event 9/24/11:


Arlene’s Intro:


Verandah & Patty:


Megan Buchanan Cherry:


Sherri Keefe:


T. Wilson:


Toni Ortner:


Mary Mathias:


Arlene Distler:


Deidra Razzague:


Susan Bonthron:


Lynn Martin:


Tim Mayo:


Addison Rice:


Cynthia Hughes & John Crockett:


Deidra on the power of collective thought:


Jack Wesley:


Bill Devlin:


Becky Graber:


Sarah Ellis:


Mimi Morton:


Matthew Wright:


Mollie Burke:


Peter Gould:


Verandah and Emily:


Finale: Verandah and Patty:


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