Helsinki, Finland

ORGANIZER: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

DESCRIPTION: the web aspect of greater Finland participation of a pan-Scandinavian improvisation in or
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4 Responses to Helsinki, Finland

  1. Paul Dresser says:

    Helsinki, Music is changing, and your Tuomas Holopainen, is exactly what what this world needs to bring sound and words together…

  2. Grace Unto You And Peace,
    Mr J-P Kervinen,
    I am interested in contributing to the efforts of my heritage in the 100 Thousand Poets project.
    I have two poems: (1) “There Are Still Tigers” about allowing warriors [Tigers] to continue to live but to learn to live with “the lambs.” (2) “Kahn Abdul Gaffar Kahn” about the glorious believer in Islam who practiced non-violence in the border territories of Pakistan from the 1930’s to his death in the 1980’s. The two poems together will be less than five minutes delivery time. Do you prefer video and audio or is it possible to just do the audio. People then do not have to look at a old, fat, ugly body while the poems are being delivered. If the two poems are suited to your over-all vision of the program, I will put the texts onto Redroom, the collection place for writers here in the States. If this message does not come in a form which makes sense, I will send it to you via FACEBOOK. I have no idea which vehicles or appliances of mine the government here has compromised. You go to prison for two years for refusing to wage war in Vietnam in the 1960’s and you are followed for the rest of your life. Mutta! You should see the blushes of some of the agents when I find out that they are agents.A laugh from me and they disappear. Agape, kiitos, shalom, xie xie, salaam ja namaste, Don as “Tauno” [Hagelberg]

  3. Mersu says:

    Great, i am working in the event, i live near to jyväskylä. do you have some contact, here, i do not know a lot of writer!!! i hope to be in touch!!!

  4. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen says:

    Still collecting people, making stuff for live streaming at 24th September, if anyone wants to send their poetry reading in MP3-format, please just let me know.

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