Charleston, South Carolina

ORGANIZER: Mary Hutchins Harris


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  1. Mary, I love the idea of poems on sidewalks–and, of course, sending poems to public officials. Thanks for heading this up in Charleston!

    • mary says:

      Charleston Poets and Lovers of Words…write your poem of change today!!!
      Find a poetry partner and read it with them on September 24 at 11:30am
      then join us at White Point Gardens with a bag lunch, a chair, and your poem to share:)

      In the meantime, POST your poem here:)
      and get ready to send a copy of your poem to a public official your local newspaper, post it on your FB page before you head out to join us—

      For some contacts, you have to cut and paste in a form:
      Nikki Haley:
      JIm Demint:
      Lindsey Graham:

      or direct to:
      Joe Riley:

      Take a Stand, Have a Say, Make a Difference—Change the Day!!!

  2. mary says:

    Charleston Poets and Lovers of Words…we are beginning to organize events in the Charleston Area for teachers, students, and anyone who believes they have words to share that say “Be the change we want to see, the change we want to be!!” We’ll be reading poems, writing them on sidewalks, sharing them with anyone who will listen–join us:) Contact me with your ideas–lets make a difference we want to see in our community!

    • mary says:

      The countdown to September 24 is on!!! Charleston has an amazing community of writers and poets so sign-on and let’s talk about how to use that might!!

      EVENT#1–Write a poem to be shared with your city, state, and national officials and/or your local newspaper. Tell them what matters to you in your community!! Use the power of poetry to (hopefully) open ears, minds, hearts. Send it to them on September 24, 2011 as an individual or send it to me, by September 20, and I will forward them to our state’s leaders: Write on!!!
      **please put 100,000 in Subject Line

      Mary Harris, Event Contact:

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