Phoenix, Arizona

ORGANIZER: Amy Ouzoonian



Saturday, September 24 · 7:00pm – 11:30pm

901 N 5th St.
Phoenix, AZ

Created By
Amy Ouzoonian

More Info
Sept. 24th, I will be hosting a huge event that is part of the 100,000 poets for change event, happening worldwide, which is organized by Michael Rothenberg

This event will support poetry and poets and poems but, in the spirit of being an Anti-Slam, if you’d like to play a song, do an interpretive dance, tell a story, be a fabulous acrobat, or whatever you like, you are very welcome to do so.

What is an Anti-slam?

An anti-slam is an all inclusive art event that was created many years ago by artist and patron saint of the uncool Rev. Jen Miller in New York City’s Lower East Side. The Anti-slam welcomes all members of the artists community and supporters of artists. This is how it goes:
– You Sign up
– Three audience members volunteer to be judges (those judges give everyone who comes up to perform a 10)
-perform anything you like for 6 minutes or less (I will have a timer)
– You get three 10s from the judges and everyone has a great time!

Here’s some more info about anti-slam:

This event is BYOB. $5 suggested donation. So come on by and check it out, see what all the buzz is about, read a poem, do a dance, sing a song have a jammin time!

Sign up is at 7 pm, starts at 7:30 pm

See you there!

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5 Responses to Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Ben Quick says:

    Y’all are welcome to float on down to T-Town if you like.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’d like to join the Phoenix Group. Can I find out more about it?

  3. hosking says:

    I’d like to learn more about the plans in Phoenix.

  4. Barbara Bonomo says:

    keep me informed

  5. Amanda says:

    Please keep me posted on the phoenix location! 🙂

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