Cincinnati, Ohio

ORGANIZER: Mark Et Words



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4 Responses to Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. Tom Kellerman says:

    Mark…would like to be of some service in this…contact me for any help you may need…

  2. Becca Lower says:

    Hi Mark Et Words, I’m a poet who lives in Fairfield. I’d love to get involved with the event! We need change in all of the areas mentioned on the main site for this, especially in the political and environmental regulations spheres.

    Are you in Butler County? There was a similar event around here about two weeks ago. One of the deejays from WLW, Doc Thompson, hosted it, and government and industry representatives were the speakers. Here’s an article I found on that event:

    Thanks for taking the lead on this. Please let me know how I can help?

  3. what i want from you: a) to get INVOLVED!; b) reach out to others and help spread the word!; c) add to the event page: writing, images, documentation (pre- and post-event): basically anything to show the world what Ohio writers and activists and performers are up to & how we might try to make a difference to our communities. Please leave writing, ideas, suggestions, event plans, images, anything here.

    The larger strategy is to have a city-wide day of planned and more-or-less spontaneous performances and events. Art, music, performance arts, readings, activism, etc. The Queen City deserves this.

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