Lagos, Nigeria

ORGANIZER: Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal



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  1. adeojo adeyemi hannibal says:

    Let the tendrils of ambition
    Sprout eternal lust for power
    In the heart of uncultured men
    Counting lost hours

    Our nation shall purge them
    Free of their inordinate desires
    We list our gains
    Not of a messiah

    We sing religiously…

    Dirges of men
    Whose memories are best obliterated
    Exude histrionics and
    Hype overrated

    African dead are exalted
    And their transgressions mystified
    Wretches,whose cancerous
    Policies we deify

    We worship our leaders
    Undeserving from the roof
    Of the grave of our mouth

    Men whose bloating corruption
    Wafts obnoxious odour uncouth

    Salient compulsion
    Keeps me from sycophantic tantrums
    By keeping mute
    For the repose of the dead

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