Hilo, Hawaii

ORGANIZER: Zach Street

CONTACT:, zdstreet@yahoo.com Speak Your Soul

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  1. Zach Street says:

    Correction: The event will begin at 9am, to better accommodate our ‘ohana and hoaaloha from Puna and beyond . . .

  2. Zach Street says:

    100,000 Poets For Change.

    All around the world, on September 24th, poets will gather to offer a creative and positive vision for humanity and planet earth. Join Speak Your Soul: Hawai’i Island for this historic event, and bring some poetry to share.

    We will meet at Moku Ola (Coconut Island) at 8:00am, and gather for however long we need to share our positive, poetic vision. There will be no stage, no microphone, no formal program . . . just people, poetry and the knowledge that we are joining thousands of people all across the globe, in claiming our intention for the future.

    Please spread the word to your friends and family. Come share your poetry, or the poetry of others that has inspired you. Even if you do not consider yourself a poet, join us to express your mana’o with whatever words feel right.

    See you on the 24th. Rain or Shine.

  3. Zach says:

    Aloha Hilo poets and supporters of poetry!
    I will be organizing the Hilo edition of 100TPC. The location will be announced soon. In the meantime, please contact me with any questions at zach@speakyoursoul.org.
    I am looking forward to this historic and meaningful event!

    Peace, Poetry & Aloha,

    think. speak. change the world.

  4. red slider says:

    Zach – Perhaps you’d care to describe a little more when your plans are firmed up? Also, sent your email addy to Frances Kakugawa. She will be in Hilo over the next week. Perhaps you two can swap a few ideas? Best to you, aloha.

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