Henning, Minnesota

ORGANIZER: Karen Obermiller

CONTACT:  prairiebutterfly@gmail.com

unless something changes I hope any nearby poets will show up on the front lawn of Landmark Center Henning at 1p.m on September 24th.

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  1. Karen Obermiller says:

    I almost forgot to post a few poems from the day —

    she has stuck herself together
    with rules
    and righteousness
    a Pharisee in hoopskirts and hairshirts
    prissy pretty petty
    caged and cagey
    looking out
    in fearful horror
    at all she longs for

    -Linda Simpkins


    I heard the soft rainfall
    The music playing softly
    I really remember it all
    I felt it had happened before
    The puzzle was falling into place
    You, stepped in with a long stride
    Then I remembered — was raining
    When I became your bride
    The music softly echoed your face
    The rainfall had reminded me
    Of your steady way
    It eased the feeling of discontent
    For now you are gone
    The rain is my recompense…

    Rita Ellenson

    Of all the times of my life,
    wow, what a year was 77
    even when it felt like hell,
    my praises still rose toward heaven.

    A brazen man rejected me,
    and although my heart was sore,
    I learned through strength and time,
    That someone loved me more.

    Thank you Father, thank you Son
    Thank you Holy Ghost
    When I feel unworthy
    You’re the one who loves me most.

    Sharon Thalmann

    The Crane Flies

    The crane flies overhead
    and I lose ;
    blind respect
    blind trust
    blind faith.

    The crane flies overhead
    and I gain;

    A glimpse of
    the fire of creation
    and the world
    (my world)
    is unmade, unmasked
    and made fresh.

    no cliche
    pure experience
    no opinion
    all awake
    (for a moment)

    Karen Obermiller

  2. this is so far – but I think I will be able to organize a free verse poetry workshop on the 24th. Combining using various types of music with exercises to help people find their own lyrical poems. Denying the stereotype that poems are for the select few. happy bah!

    • it’s becoming more solid — we are going for poetry playday for real now – I have a friend (hi Leigh) in upstate NY who was part of a “complaints choir” (pure comedy) and I thought to do a variation of that — “Presumption Prelude” – that can be very outrageous. As part of the day we will compose the verses and perform it – this will be from 10.00 to 12.00 and then I will stay for 1 pm in case anyone else wants to do readings on the front lawn.

      This is Landmark Center HENNING (Otter Tail County) – sorry if anyone was confused.

  3. unless something changes I hope any nearby poets will show up on the front lawn of Landmark Center Henning at 1p.m on September 24th.

    • Terri says:

      Hi Karen! Please post any more details about the event as you get them!
      Also I will post photos in the photo gallery if you upload them here!
      Thanks! Terri

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