Bucharest, Romania

ORGANIZER: Razvan Tupa

CONTACT: razvan_tupa@yahoo.com

These are the images from 100 thousand poets for change Bucharest at Cocor Media Channel, the biggest electronic media facade in Continental Europe (they say).

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  3. razvan says:

    A galery of the event in Bucharest can be seen here

    also you can check the first video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSG11A0p3VA&feature=player_embedded

  4. razvan says:

    On 24th of September Romanian clasical, modern and contemprary poetry was the object of this presentation on the biggest media facade of electronic screens on Continental Europe.
    “video displays equaling a total surface of 560 square meters (6,205 sq. ft.). The main LED display, measuring approximately 24 meters high by 12 meters wide, spans roughly five stories tall from the top floor down the front of the building. A two-story tall display measuring approximately 7 meters high by 12 meters wide sits to the left of the main display on
    the top of the building. Both of the displays incorporate fullcolor pixels on 23 millimeter center-to-center spacing.” were the scene for 12 fragments of poetry shown in kinetic typography for “poetry on screens” project as part of 100 thousand poets for change.

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  6. fizic sunt cam departe de voi, in siria, asa ca va doresc mult succes si multa poezie de calitate.
    stima mea

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  8. razvan says:

    Poetry on Screens will take place at Cocor Channel, on the screens of Cocor Store in Bucharest.

    At 20.00, 20.40 and 21.20, the huge screens on the bulding will present the selection “poetic. my poem is you. the change” – (poetic. poemul meu esti tu. schimbarea), that includes lines by Romanian poets from ancient anonimus translation of Psalms to classical and contemporary examples.

    The public is invited to attend in front of Cocor Store in Bucharest at 20.00, carring a book of poetry in hand. The poetry videos contain 20-seconds kinetic typography with poetry transcribed for contemporary readers.

  9. razvan says:

    Our event changed a bit from what we had in mind initially. So poetry changes the city. An whole advertisment screen set in the middle of the city would take times presenting verses form clasical to contemporary Romanian poety in kinetic typography.
    more to come on this event for Sept. 24th.

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