Pacifica, California

ORGANIZER: Leslie Davidson, Pacifica Peace People

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  1. Linda Peebles says:


  2. Michael says:

    I love it. Great! Pacifica Peace People rock!!

  3. Linda Peebles says:

    Pacifica Peace People are delighted to be participating in this event! Our group came together in June of 2003 as a response to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. We have held many anti-war vigils, and we have hosted numerous events including a Veteran’s Day concert featuring Country Joe McDonald, and an Eyes Wide Open exhibit of combat boots (provided by the American Friends Service Committee) which had belonged to California soldiers killed in the Iraq War. Our current focus is helping to create a culture of peace right here in the community of Pacifica. We are working with young people in the schools and giving Student Peacemaker awards, along with $500, to local high school seniors.
    For the “100 Thousand Poets for Change” event on Sept. 24th, the Pacifica Peace People will be marching in the parade of our local Fog Fest with signs and poems about peace. We invite local community members to submit poems and march with us. In addition, on Sept 21st, International Peace Day, we will put a full-page ad in our local “Pacifica Tribune” declaring our commitment to peace signed my many members of the community which will feature an inspiring poem on peace. Pacificans are invited to submit poems about peace for either the Fog Fest parade or the newspaper ad. Contributions toward the ad will also be gratefully accepted. Please join us and send your peace poems to Leslie Davidson at:

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