Haifa, Israel

ORGANIZER: Ada Aharoni

IFLAC Founding President

CONTACT: iflac@bezeqint.net


“100 Thousand Poets for Change, In Haifa” from Yosef Gotlieb’s blog, Issues of the Day, at www.ysgotlieb.net. “Father, son of man needs to know,” is taken from Yosef Gotlieb’s (author), Rise, A Novel of Contemporary Israel, 2011. p. 74.

It was my privilege last night to participate in an Israeli commemoration of 100 Thousand Poets for Change, a global happening of seven hundred events in 99 countries comprised of “poets around the USA and across the planet, gathered in a demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.” The Haifa event was convened by Dr. Ada Aharoni, a poet, scholar and peace bridge builder who is the founder and director of the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace(IFLAC). 

Gathered in the salon of a private residence on Mount Carmel (“God’s Vineyard” in Hebrew) in Haifa, a city known for coexistence between Arabs, Jews and Druze, many participants in the Israel gathering read poems having to do with issues of identity, inter-ethnic relations, and peace. Others in the room had come to listen to the poetry and to support the initiative. 

I read a poem from my novel, Rise, which is presented as the work of Dr. Issam Halaby, a character in the book who is an Arab surgeon from Acre. He, along with his wife Michal, and the book’s central character, Lilah Kedem, are later among the founders of the citizens movement for progressive change in the country. 

In the book, Issam reads the poem after a moment of friction develops between Lilah, who has just been through a terror attack launched by Palestinian extremists and is convalescing at the Halaby home, and a member of the poets group, Jews and Arabs, that meet regularly in Issam’s and Michal’s living room. 

The poem reads:


Son of man needs to know

what humanity there is

lifting a stone against another

who speaks a different tongue,

and, for that,

must be smitten.

This land is ample, kind enough,

both brothers can

drink from the same fountain,

righteous in the sharing.

Is there no sky mural you might place

Over the Lawgiver’s land

The Prophet’s furthest, but closest to you

that might guide us

to share


We implore,

the stones are heavy and

an evil wind blows here.

Make us warm.


Issam’s poem, beseeching cover from the ill-winds, remains resonant in these times.

My hope that there were at least one hundred thousand points of light last night, beckoning change for a brighter future across the planet.


“Father, son of man needs to know,” p. 74, Rise, by Yosef Gotlieb

One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change http://www.bigbridge.org/100thousandpoetsforchange/International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace http://iflac.wordpress.com/

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  1. [file]http://www.bigbridge.org/100thousandpoetsforchange/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/AGreenWeekSinioraKillWar.doc[/file]

    The attached file contains several poems read by Dr. Ada Aharoni at the Sept. 24, 2011 event in Haifa, Israel as well as several other poems from her collection, You and I can Change the World.

  2. At the Haifa, Israel gathering on Saturday evening, Sept. 24,2011, Dr. Aharoni, the convenor of the event and founder and director of the International Forum on the Literature and Culture of Peace read three of her poems. The poems follow below, along with several others forthcoming in her book, YOU AND I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.


  3. You will probably get a lot of poems from the Haifa event which was run by Prof. Ada Aharoni, founder of IFLAC, (The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace) at the home of Atalya Rosenberg.

    My poem is from an anthology I wrote when my four children were in the Israeli Army:
    “The Soldiers` Mother”.

    By Wendy Blumfield
    (Written when my second son was stationed in south Lebanon – the poem is relevant to all the long drawn-out international peace talks that seem to end in nothing but more war)

    The politicians sit at polished tables
    And sip coffee in the lobbies of the large hotels.

    My son is warming his hands by a fire at his guard-post
    And the wind is rising, high in the hills of Lebanon.

    In summer the politicians take a rest
    And shop in London or visit the Louvre
    Or bathe on the shores of the Mediterranean

    My son drives his tank through the inland dust
    And the wind is rising, high in the hills of Lebanon

    In winter, the politicians take a break
    For their holydays, yours and ours
    And for the Sabbath of the three religions

    My son goes out and builds a snowman
    And the wind is rising, high in the hills of Lebanon

    Wendy Blumfield is president of Voices Israel English Poetry in Israel Society)

  4. Ada Aharoni says:

    THE HUNDRED THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE event in the North of Israel will take place at my home in Nesher, on the 24th of September at 19.00. Poets from Haifa, Nesher and the North of Israel are invited to participate. To register please call: Ada Aharoni –
    077 3202818 or
    054 4404750.
    With best wishes of success,
    Dr. Ada Aharoni
    IFLAC Founding President

  5. האירוע 100.00 משוררים למען שינוי, בצפון, מתקיים בביתי בנשר בשעה 0 19.0 – ישתתפו בו משוררים שיקראו שירי שלום – כדי להירשם אנא לטלפן : 3202818 077

  6. S. M. HUTTON says:

    I’m Blogging about this event and I would like to know what the plans are for your particular event. Please leave some details here.

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