Echuca and Moama, Victoria, Australia

ORGANIZER: Paul S Donohoe


(03) 5482 1870

0409 138 885

LOCATION: Echuca and Moama


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Hi Michael

As I mentioned this morning I am sending you an update of things poetry in Echuca to use as you see fit

 After putting posters in bookshops, the local library and even in some cafes, the 100 Thousands for Poetry project here in Echuca received a grand total of one enquiry. So, it was reluctantly decided to shelve any event till next year and in the meantime try to connect with local poets and poetry fans.

At roughly the same time (but unfortunately too late for the September event) a woman joined the community radio station at which I volunteer and now manage, interested in hosting an hourly show once a week featuring poets and poetry as well as short stories and other things literature. Needless to say I accepted her offer and set about training her as an on air presenter.

I put her in touch with my one enquirer, who happens to be a very experienced and prolific poet, with a history of public readings in the pubs of Melbourne under his belt. To date the two have co-hosted two shows and there are more to come. He is very keen to not only feature his own work but would like to use his fine reading voice to read the work of other poets, both old and new.

So, it has not all been for nothing. In fact, it may be that we are seeing the birth of a wider poetry community in our towns, which could very well be more sustainable in the long run than a one off event.

At the moment our station EMFM community radio is not streaming on the internet but locals can tune in on Thursdays at 10am and again on Sundays at 4pm for a great feast of poetry, poets, and story. Stay tuned for news of streaming, which I expect to happen in the next couple of months.

There you go Michael, hope that is okay



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