Rawalpindi and Islamabad (Twin Cities), Pakistan

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2 Responses to Rawalpindi and Islamabad (Twin Cities), Pakistan

  1. Michael says:

    Muhammad Shanazar

  2. Michael says:

    O! Poets And Men Of Letters Awake

    The world is in the shadow of nuclear war
    Our own neighbour chatters to use the nuclear devices
    As if a thing common or a child’s play.

    O! Poets and Men of Letters awake
    Only you can save the earth from the imminent doom.
    The weapons are with the so-called civilized nations,
    As if the guns are in the hands of monkeys,
    We too have processed uranium
    Enough to combat the challengers many times,
    But we possess patient hearts in the chests
    And minds discreet, prudent and judicious in the heads.

    O! Poets and Men of Letters awake
    From the slumber deep for it is a time to weep,
    Use your pen and paper, moments of nights and days,
    Your talents, the power of your embellished words,
    Weave the stories of novels, dramas, and lines of poesy
    To shake the inner most part of the souls
    Of the leading heads of humanity who make a trade
    On human blood: the most precious gist of the universe.

    O! Poets and Men of Letters awake
    Infuse into them astuteness to discern the difference
    Between just and unjust, between right and wrong,
    Instead of making tiresome efforts to please the kings
    And approving their all actions though immoral,
    Write not panegyrics lest you should become accomplices
    Against the crime of trampling sanctity,
    And deforming magnificence of the Mother Earth.

    O! Poets and Men of Letters awake
    Impede the itchy fingers of the leprous hands
    Lest they should press the buttons in their own craze,
    If once they push the buttons, there will be a chain in reaction,
    And then holocaust, extinction of biological life,
    The cities, the towns, and the villages big or small,
    The parks and streets, the houses and huts will become silent.
    The earth will move dull drab, into spaces around the sun,
    With a load of skeletons, skulls and bones,
    But all purposeless like an astray stallion whose veteran
    Is killed in the battle and it runs away unrestrained.

    By Muhammad Shanazar

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