sTORm LIFe! – un poème by hENrik aeshNa

the word LIFE must

enter eruption…

– my eyes
are exploding with new flowers

my body
injected w/
a new

let’’s ride that sugarflame comet & mess around, hallucynation girl

– I’’m sick & tired of this 
cathedral of erotic misery
stir-crazy with this blasé decadence eating into my days

my daisies


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About Henrik Aeshna

Henrik Aeshna lives amongst flowers, cats & visions in a rundown hotel in the heart of Montmartre, Khajuraho-Paris. Degenerate artist, explorer of intensities & translator, he’s the conspirator of outlaw poetry network Tsunami bOOKS & the creator of SchizoPoP Manifesto, a mix of shamanoise poetry, intravenous visual deliriums & sound/body painting. His poems & visual interventions have recently been published in Paris, London & in the US. His upcoming poetry book is titled The Absinthe Diaries, & his first solo exhibition is due to take place in Paris this Summer. He sees poetry as a Tjurunga key capable of reconnecting his blood, as well as his deepest being, to a more exuberantly dangerous & vaster realm of experiences. Dance, Ecstasy & Dreams. - Website :
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