Wandering Bards- London, England

ORGANIZER: Baden Prince

CONTACT: badenprincejnr@hotmail.co.uk

DESCRIPTION: 100TPC London Event: “Wandering Bards

Come and be part of this worldwide event, “100,00 Poets for Change” on Saturday 24 September 2011.

The brainchild of American poet and community activist, Michael Rothenberg, this event aims to unite poets across the world in a day of positive action for change. Check out the website: www.bigbridge.org/100thousandpoetsforchange

In support of this momentous event, Naomi Woddis and Baden Prince have joined forces to create “Wandering Bards,” a moving feast that will arrive at 3 of London’s open-air markets at 12 mid-day, 2 and 4 PM on the day, culminating in an evening of poetry and spoken word at Cottons Restaurant & Bar in Clerkenwell starting at 6.30.

The venues are Brixton Market (meeting point: Brixton Tube) @ 12;
Brick Lane (meeting point, Aldgate East tube – Whitechapel Gallery exit) @ 2; and Camden Lock (meeting point, Camden Tube) @ 4.

Come along and join in. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to take the full tour, drop in (and out) at one of the daytime venues, or come down to Cottons in the evening: 70 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell EC4R 4QP. We’ll be poetting there from 6:30 – 9 o’clock, after which it’s just hanging out, listening to the live band, and general

Please reply to Baden asap, indicating your preference. I’ll try to accommodate everyone’s wishes as far as possible:

e badenprincejnr@hotmail.co.uk
m 07946 776 952

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4 Responses to Wandering Bards- London, England

  1. Abol Froushan says:

    Sample poem by Ali Abdolrezaei,
    Translator: Abol Froushan

    After a Thousand and One Nights
    a couple leave the house

    swarm the alley
    with their twitter
    up to the bus stop
    by the tree – swarmed
    by tweet in tweet

    On the cheek
    spot on a beauty spot
    the man
    lands a kiss

    To hide a show of tears
    the woman
    suddenly turns her head
    blots out the blackening tears
    off her cheeks
    and turns back
    to find no more sparrows
    on the branches

  2. Abol Froushan says:

    Sample poem by Abol Froushan

    Make some tea

    In order to settle my appetite
    I’ll have the chocolate chip
    In order to palate the cookie
    I’ll need to make some tea
    In order to have the tea
    I’ll put the kettle on
    and wait for the cooker to do its job
    In order to have the tea
    I’ll need to clear the teapot
    In order to bin the teabag
    I need a lined bag
    In order to line the bin
    I’ll use a plastic bag
    In order to bin the bag
    I need to move the door the bin’s behind
    I don’t want it to shut
    So get carried further and further
    Away from settling my appetite

    I bin the soggy bags
    Drain the dregs
    Throw in the teabag
    And out the kettle
    The boiling water
    Then I am struck
    by this!
    A karmic chain
    That enfolds
    And unrolls my thought
    While the tea like the universe
    Is going cold
    Now the water’s boiled
    Like the big bang
    After a waiting
    Now , I am as far from the original chocolate chip cookie
    As the original Adam.

  3. Abol Froushan says:

    Two poems by Baden Prince read at 100 Thousand Poets for Change at the Cottons in London

  4. Abol Froushan says:

    Baden Prince, Abol Froushan, Ali Abdolrezaei, Elizabeth Faitarone and Cath Drake got together at Cottons in Islington, London to perform a round of poetry readings to a congenial audience.

    It was an enjoyable evening all round, with a couple of pleasant surprises thrown in: we appreciate the respect shown to us by the diners, and the fact that the guy from Liverpool felt moved to read after a gap of 20 years…

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