Poetas Del Mundo-Belgrade, Serbia

ORGANIZER: Duska Vrhovac, Ambassador to Serbia of Poetas Del Mundo
CONTACT: duskavrhovac@beotel.rs
Poets of the world (Poetas del Mundo) in Serbia will organize a common program
with the Association of Writers of Serbia and Serbian Literary Society . 


‎100 Thousand Poets for Change – Belgrade (Serbia) In Francuska Street, number 7, a home to writers of Serbia, on September 24th, starting at 6 PM, about 40 poets from several cities, different generations and different genres of poetry, in front of the full large hall of Association of Writers of Serbia, gave its contribution to global action 100 Thousand Poets for Change. It all started with reciting a poem Our days by Vladislav Petkovic Dis, which was written 101 years ago and which, with its amazing currency, appears as written today. As a tribute to freethinking, and continuously engaged prophetic spirit of the Serbian poetry, this small recital was performed by: Dusko Novakovic, Duska Vrhovac, Miljurko Vukadinovic, Milica Lilic, Nemanja Mitrovic, Slobodanka Zivkovic, Zivko Nikolic & Zorica Arsic. Pointing out, that for almost a century, nothing has changed, only a form has kept changing, the essence remained the same, an evil has not been getting smaller, a good has not been getting bigger, reciting these poems gave the answer to the question about the state of mind among us, the general state of mind. Afterwards Duska Vrhovac, Ambassador of movement, Poets of the world in Serbia, who was the initiator and organizer of this event, spoke about the power of word and the importance of protest, naming what it is necessary to change, at least when it comes to the local level. Reminding of the greats of the world’s poetry, who were warning and protesting, with their verses, at their own times, Milica Lilic recited verses of Marina Cvetaeva, Dusko Novakovic recited verses of Adam Zagajevski, Duska Vrhovac Allen Ginsberg’s verses, and Vjekoslav Vukadin Desanka Maksimovic’s. In the evening arrived greetings from another group of poets, who performed their performance in front of the Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, and from poets Nebojsa Devetak, Sasa Jelenkovic and Ranko Pavlovic, who were not able to come. The evening was ended with an agreement that the proposed petitions and protests unify and address to the appropriate authorities, and recited poems and said material to be published in one volume. In the closing argument, Duska Vrhovac called for action throughout the year and scheduled a reunion on September 24th 2012. Participants: Duska Vrhovac, Dusko Novakovic, Milica Jeftimijevic Lilic, Miljurko Vukadinovic, Janko Vujinovic, Zorica Arsic, Milos Jankovic Nemanja Mitrovic, Zivko Nikolic, Slobodanka Zivkovic, Petar Knezevic, Tomislav Stevanovic, Milko Grbovic, Vlasta Sarkamenac, Vida Nenadic, Rade Djokanović, Zlata Nesic, Vjekoslav Vukadin, Danilo Jokanovic, Darinka Dara Trifkovic …

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