~ odds ‘n ends ~

A Deer



a poem by Kathy Figueroa

It’s delicious
And delightful
It’s nutritious
But not frightful
Because it’s not filled
With blood and gore
No animals have to die
When I buy food at
The grocery store
I’m on the vegetarian diet
That includes fruit
Vegetables, nuts and seeds
Sometimes I add
A few edible wild plants
Because wild plants
Aren’t always weeds
Yes, I love vegetarian food
And have it every day
Usually, it’s raw because
It tastes better that way
I make salads in minutes
With many different
Vegetables, spices and olive oil
No longer, in the kitchen
Over a hot stove, do I toil
Recycling is a snap
The peels are just
Composted outside
Vegetarian cuisine is easy
Healthy, ecologically friendly
Makes me feel good
And, best of all
No animals have died


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