Sifnos, Greece

ORGANIZER: Charlie Keil

“It turns out I’ll be in Siphnos, Greece for the third anniversary (Sept. 24th) of my kumbaros passing. He was definitely a man of peace and thinking steadily about sustainability. Isaiah Berlin was one of his favorite thinkers. I will create a poem for the day and share it with at least one other person…”

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3 Responses to Sifnos, Greece

  1. Karavasili Eleni says:

    Hello to everyone!
    I believe that in a such a beautiful island, there will take place a beautiful performance.
    All the people together for the change.

  2. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    dear charles

    i’m helping organize a 100,000 poets for change event here in port townsend, washington. i dearly love it here and look forward to the 24th, but a very large part of my heart will now be on sifnos. if you happen to pay a visit to panaghia chryssopigi, i wonder if you could leave this haiku i wrote about a few days i spent in a cell there, in 1998, maybe let it drift in a breeze on the jetty’s end . . . .

    monastery cell–
    a blue window opens
    to sea and sky

    peace, tenzing

  3. Sifnos welcome!!!
    Hello Charlie!!! I hope you gather all men and women on this beautiful island and all read poems together under the magical sunset…

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