3300 Club – 100 Thousand Poets for Change: Poetry Contest



I can no longer wake up and drink beer

And sleep thru the afternoon

Yoga = yes

Then jogging around Nob Hill

While the Railroad Kings laugh

Ha, ha


Poem on Broadway’s Sidewalk


Are not

To be


Up to




They are

To be

Harmonized with”

*A found poem written with colored magic markers on masking tape;
each line was on a different strip of tape, placed on the sidewalk.


Buying Bamboo on Jackson Street


Time for some good luck with summer ending and autumn approaching


So I go to the mom and pop bamboo shop on Jackson Street,

And ask the mom for a piece of “Beautiful” bamboo, around five bucks worth


With her back to me while caring for her plants in vases by the wall,

“They are not beautiful or ugly; they are all the same”


Then turning around she appears with a nice piece of bamboo, around three feet, and

Hands it over to me, as I give her a fiver, which she takes and waves in front of my face,


Smiling, showing her teeth, eyes lit up, she waves the fiver, “This is beautiful”


all three by Jonathan Hayes

Check in the comments for additional entries!

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