Revolutionary Poetry Brigade-Rome(WPM)

ORGANIZER: Olga Campofreda

The Revolutionary Poets’ Brigade [Rome] is:

Olga Campofreda
Alessandra Bava
John Claude Smith
Andrea Coffami/Angelo Zabaglio (the same person performing with a double name)
Francesca Clementi
Marco Lupo
Giulio Vaccaro
Simone Cantino
Angelo Elle

the place:

Le Mura, via di Porta Labicana, 24- San Lorenzo, Roma

h: 19,30

For live radio of the event go to:

Organized by World Poetry Movement

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3 Responses to Revolutionary Poetry Brigade-Rome(WPM)

  1. Olga Campofreda says:

    Poets in order of performance in the video:

    Davide Cortese
    Francesca Clementi
    Alessandra Bava-Olga Campofreda
    Marco Lupo
    John Claude Smith
    Olga Campofreda
    Alessandra Bava
    Andrea Coffami/Angelo Zabaglio
    Roberto Mandracchia

  2. Olga Campofreda says:

    Here the pics. Shooting by Miriam Di Domenico-

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