Tiruvannamalai, India


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Shanti Children Project, Tiruvannamalai, India joining on the 24th September event

Arunachala mountain



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8 Responses to Tiruvannamalai, India

  1. Kumar says:

    Janani’s poem, she read at “100 thousand poet for change” event in Tiruvannamalai, for the audience on 24th sep 2011.

  2. Kumar says:

    Janani reading her poem… 24 sep 2011

  3. Kumar says:

    Janani and her classmates singing a volks song.

  4. Kumar says:

    Janani read her poem at the Govinda Park on 24th sep 2011. We were about 200 people including her school teachers and classmates.
    Also Shanti Tuition Centre children and Marudam Farm School children did a mime drama and sing songs.
    Followed by the drama and singing, we started a cycle rally around arunachala, we stopped in two places for refreshments and drama performance. That was a great event, amazing vibration.
    – Kumar.

  5. Kumar says:

    This is the Arunachala Mountain, the holy mountain, which we are going to do a bicycle rally around this mountain on the 24th Sep 2011. It is 14 kilometer distance. 100 students and 100 volunteers are going to take part in this bicycle rally.

  6. Kumar says:

    we are happy to conduct the 100 thousand poets for change event in our town tiruvannamalai. My daughter Janani Kumar, 12 years a young poet, has written a poem and she is going to read for the world on the 24th Sep 2011. – Kumar.

    • Hal says:

      This is great janani! Can you please give us a “sample” of your poem? I can’t wait another minute to hear it!!!
      Thanks for all you are.

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