Lerici, Italy (WPM)

In Lerici, at the suggestion of Giuseppe Conte, the event is organized by Angelo Tonelli and Arthena Association, one of the few authentic cultural production related to the poetic character of the Gulf of the Poets. In Rotunda of the Gardens, Saturday, September 24 at 21:30 will take place on the poetry reading: Poetry flies: Poets for peace, solidarity, enleightening in the world and the ethical aesthetic regeneration of civilization, in wisdom. Readings of new texts by Giuseppe Conte, Gianluca Cupisti, Giancarlo Micheli, Francesco Macciò, Cecilia Rofena, Venerable Tae Hye, zen monk, Paola Polito, Francesco Tonelli, Isabella Tedesco Vergano, Giulio Viano, Angelo Tonelli. The Artist Giuliano Diofili will realize the installation Astrotempio of the Poets, which will fly in the sky of the Gulf of The Poets.

Organized by World Poetry Movement

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