Colectivo Mujer-Sydney, Australia

ORGANIZER: Colectivo Mujer

DESCRIPTION: Feministas for change!

TIME: Saturday, September 24 · 6:00pm – onwards

LOCATION: Facebook wall of Colectivo Mujer

Colectivo Mujer has the following objectives:

• To honour the achievements of past and present Latinas and Spanish-speaking women.

• To highlight the role of women activism within our communities.

• To disrupt, challenge and ‘re-imagine’ current gender realities in our communities.

Through the poetry event Feministas for Change, Colectivo Mujer will celebrate poetry online by poetas Latinas! The event will occur on our Facebook site and will feature video clips or poetry recited by women.
100 Thousand Poets for Change is the largest poetry reading in history with over 700 individual events scheduled to take place simultaneously on September 24th to promote environmental, social, and political change.

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