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From Egyptian Poets to the Poets of the World

From the heart of Cairo, We the Egyptian Poets send our voices to all poets and people of the world, In defending of the freedom of creation in all fields, including the freedom of the poet to write and publish, without any pressure or exaction, without any restrictions or terror ideologically, religiously, politically, and legally.
Over the many years before the great people’s revolution in January 2011, The Egyptian Poets had been always in the front of the cultural avant-garde that oppose the suppression and corruption and restriction on freedoms … and now they are still standing foe the same viewpoint in front of the new regime recently raised to the power, the regime that follow the same old ways of the defeated old one, but also adding to these ways a religious touch against the artists and intellectuals.
We see communication with the international poetic movement of today as an attempt to break the isolation, and deliver the Egyptian poetic voice out of the local sphere, particularly what concerning the new special circumstances and the real threats that we face in Egypt today… Read More

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