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Jumla, Nepal

ORGANIZER: Ganesh Ghimire

Jumla’s a district that lies in the Karnali Zone, the most underdeveloped part of Nepal. The Karnali Zone has 5 districts altogether which lie in the mountainous region of the country. Despite being the headquarter of Karnali Zone, Jumla isn’t yet has all basic infrastructures of development. However, the place’s blessed with natural beauty. The photos I’ve sent you are taken in Gothichaur, one of the touristy place. The biggest lake of Nepal and the deepest lake of the world are in this district. Moreover, it has rich cultural varieties, more than that we find in Kathmandu. A decade long Maoist insurgency has ruined the place much more. Little development’s also marred due to Maoist movement. Governmental aids reach here rarely although there’s some. Different fruit orchards like apple, plum, walnut, etc. are true asset of the place. Medicinal herbs like Yarshagumba are found tremendously.

Forgotten Land

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