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ORGANIZER: Charles Frederickson


by Charles Frederickson and Saknarin Chinayote

650 grassroots poetic events in 455 cities and 95 countries will take place on September 24th to promote environmental, social and political change within the framework of peace and stability. Thailand’s celebration of “100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE” features gifted favorite son Zakariya Amataya, a native of Bacho District in Narathiwat Province. He is the first Thai Muslim recipient of the South East Asian Writers Award and was the unanimous choice of the jury, who called his non-traditional free verse work “borderless, transcending time and space.” Zakariya has been dubbed a Ginsberg-inspired Sunni hipster poet who suggests: “I am traveling in poetry, Poetry is traveling in me; We are heading to the same destination.”

His adoration for the Beat Generation, Sufi mysticism and French surrealists is reflected by his eclectic choices of respected mentors: Charles Baudelaire, Gregory Corso, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Arthur Rimbaud. Zakariya’s parents and sisters still reside on their humble rubber plantation and although he thinks and writes primarily in Thai, his native language is not Thai but Rumi/Malay, the indigenous first language of the troubled deep South border provinces. He is also fluent in Yawi/Arabic. Many of his poems reflect the turmoil and strife of the region along with the desire for community-based recognition of participatory autonomy.

Some English translation examples:
“I hear peace sobbing
And shouting that resonates
Along sundry roads,
Around the city clock tower,
On dinner tables, in tea shops.”

The Missing
“There must be something in this universe
That has strayed from the dimension of time
Something Columbus and Ulysses missed in their exploration
Something the world’s prophets forgot to preach
Something that vanished between
The black holes of space.”

Epitaph for My Beloved Sidi
“I brewed my hundredth cup of coffee
Lit my thousandth cigarette
The sound of war drums rapidly pounding
The era – the Age of Killing
My cherished motherland,
Gone, vanquished again.”

Dr. Charles Frederickson
(Thailand event organizer)


by Charles Frederickson on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 2:25pm

๑๐๐,๐๐๐ ศิลปินเพื่ออิสรภาพทั่วโลก

การเฉลิมฉลองทั่วโลก – ๒๔ กันยายน ๒๕๕๔

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To join in September’s global celebrations of 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE and Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary, Dr. Charles Frederickson and Mr. Saknarin Chinayote proudly present 3 YouTube mini-movies depicting Glad Thaidings. Enjoy!

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