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After-The-End-Of-The-World Party | 100 Thousand Poets, Norman OK

Time : Saturday, September 24 · 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Downtown Sound: A Music & Arts Cooperative
Created By Zakk Flash
For Outlaw Poets

100 Thousand Poets for Change | 24 September 2011 | Norman, Oklahoma

by Zakk Flash on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 11:32pm

100TPC in Norman is an exorcism of fear and helplessness, held in solidarity with over 450 communities in 95 countries around the world. We’re gathering in the heart of Norman to celebrate an After-The-End-of-The-World Party: the resurrection of true grassroots hope, the continual rebirth of our community, and communion with the holy spirit of sustainability.100TPC is decentralized and inclusive, bringing together poets, progressive activists, and artists of all flavors.

I first became aware of 100TPC while on my poetry tour of the Pacific Northwest and West Coast in July. While staging a performance in Gifford-Pinochet National Forest in Washington State, my brother Diamond Dave turned me onto it. When an original beat poet – the cat who turned Bob Dylan onto Woody Guthrie – asks you to get involved, you do it.

And thus began the process of planting lightning in our fair city. Norman is teeming with underground, progressive action. Its my sincere hope that this event will both shine a light upon all groups involved and act as cross-pollination. We’re stronger united as a movement than we could be as individual actors. Not that I discourage individual acts of direct action..

Each organization (or dis-organization; many of these groups are organic, leaderless, and people-powered) involved has something to offer: Critical Mass puts butts on bikes and brings alternative modes of transport to the attention of the gasguzzling leviathans that haunt our streets; the Oklahoma Food Cooperative sings the gospel of sustainability by bringing Oklahoman goods to Oklahoma tables; Third Space Library supports community involvement in radical action. I’ve also asked for participation from Wishing Well and Maisha Arts and Cultural Camp; it is essential to remember that we are a global community and both of these organizations epitomize that fact: Wishing Well empowers African communities by giving them the tools to draw their own clean water while Maisha provides a safe environment for destitute and orphaned children to express themselves through the healing power of art.

I’m also proud to announce a discussion panel in conjunction with the showing of Women Behind Bars, a film by local director Amina Benalioulhaj that bares raw the tragedy of Oklahoma’s female incarceration rate and brings the human element home to the audience by showing interaction with their children.

In solidarity with political prisoners nationwide, I am also announcing my intention to form a chapter of Anarchist Black Cross. Village Green Books has agreed to assist in this effort by donating all proceeds of the book sale towards providing our comrades behind bars with the educational and material support necessary to continue their struggle against institutionalized racism, political opportunism, and a culture that seeks to isolate them.

100 Thousand Poets for Change in Norman is taking place at Downtown Sound, an arts and music collective with a gallery and practice space on Crawford and Main Street. Its my desire that this event helps bring attention to the work we do there; namely, the networking and promotion of local artists in the literary, visual, and musical fields. Since our first Downtown Sound show on 11 March (my birthday, by the way), we’ve received tremendous support from the community. I believe that support is in direct recognition of the support we give back to our community.

This event will signal the beginning of a monthly poetry slam I’ll be hosting at DTS with my group, the Outlaw Poets. I’ve been coordinating with OU Write Club to establish a new slam scene here in Norman. In the meantime, come out to IAO to see me and the other Extreme Championship Poets compete every Fourth Friday!

Keep an eye on my website ( and the Outlaw Poets facebook group for the latest in Oklahoma Poetry.

I expect to see each and every one of your beautiful faces at the party! Bring a poem, song, or story to share!

Keep your coins, folks; we’re asking for real change.

The After-The-End-Of-The-World Party Invitation:

Ladies and gents,

This is Zakk Flash. The Outlaw Poets and I, in conjunction with the sweet sanctuary of your own inner thoughts, are thrilled to announce:

An-After-The-End-Of-The-World Party

to celebrate the resurrection of your hopes and dreams, which most assuredly will occur if you show your beautiful face.

Wear pajamas, a bunny disguise, formal wear, or the costume of the person you’ll be five years from now!

Prepare your polished or ridiculous two-minute song, dance, joke, story, brag, POEM, or spectacle for our stage: we’re talkin’ progressive action and community involvement, folks!

It all happens at Downtown Sound on 24 September, here in beautiful Norman, Oklahoma, as part of 100 Thousand Poets for Change.


And what is 100TPC?

100 Thousand Poets for Change is a unified effort of poets and poetry organizers to host a one day global event, with their focus on a message to the world of peace and sustainability. Poets around the world are participating by local region, city, or state, each hosting poetry events in many different indigenous settings. Some are participating at the risk of their lives. Each event voices a message with the focus on global “Change”.

100TPC is worldwide, gathering on September 24, 2011. At this time, there are over 600 events in 450 cities and 95 countries!

Poetry demonstrations are being organized in political hotspots such as Madison, Wisconsin and Cairo, Egypt. A poetry and peace gathering is planned in strife-torn Kabul and Jalalabad.

The beauty of the concept of 100 Thousand Poets for Change is that it is completely decentralized and completely inclusive. All those involved are hoping, through their actions and events, to seize and redirect the political and social dialogue of the day and turn the narrative of civilization towards peace and sustainability.


As part of our event, we’ll be featuring the following groups, speakers, events, and organizations (not to mention a few dis-organizations):

Critical Mass Norman, powered by people!

Food Not Bombs Norman, providing food to the hungry (in more ways than one).

Red Earth Sierra Club, promoting the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources and protecting our environment.

Maisha Arts and Cultural Camp, an art therapy and educational based program that is designed to provide orphaned and destitute children a safe environment in which to express themselves. MACC will be hosting an exhibition of art from African children involved in the project.

Wishing Well: Water for the World, empowering communities to transform their world by bringing clean water to those in need.

Oklahoma Food Cooperative, uniting Oklahomans interested in sustainably produced, locally grown food.

Women Behind Bars, an cinematic experience and discussion about Oklahoma’s incarceration rate of women and impact on families.

Village Green Books, sponsoring a book drive to supply political prisoners and conscientious objectors with reading material to improve their quality of life.

Third Space Library, supporting progressive causes and community involvement.

Voter registration drive!

and the original Outlaw Poets, providing an open mic to open hearts. Bring an original song, poem, story, or dance to share. You’ve got two minutes and a mission of sharing your passionate love!

…more groups are being added daily!


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