Livestream Hub for September 29th, 2012

Schedule & links to all 100 TPC & 100 TMC livestream channels for events around the world!

100 TPC Headquarters Festival in Santa Rosa, California

HQ Theater Channel– All performances throughout the 3 Day HQ Festival!
Café Channel for Bi-lingual Poetry Reading, Acoustic Music & special Art Exhibit.

See complete schedule for all 100 TPC HQ performances at

Nicosia, Italy

Milan, Italy

Dublin, Ireland

Khartoum, Sudan

Los Angeles, California

09.29. 8pm-11:00pm PDT Paladino Club

Skye Delamey live on radio show 8 pm Sept. 29th Los Angeles, Ca

Beyond Baroque, Venice, California

09.29. All Day! PDT

Detroit, Michigan

09.29 All Day! CDT

St. Louis, Missouri

09.29 All Day! EDT

Kikinda, Serbia

09.29 6:00pm CEST

Bellingen, Canada

09.29 9:20 pm-Midnite

Budapest, Hungary

09.29 3pm-1:00am CEST mms://

Manila, Philippines

09.29 8:00pm PHT

Barcelona, Spain

09.29 8:00-11:00pm CEST

Mexico City, D.F.

09.29 Noon-1:00pm CDT

Bucharest, Romania

09.29 5:00pm EEST

Montevideo, Uruguay

09.28 8:00pm UYT

Montreal, Canada

09.29 8:00pm EDT

Volos, Greece

09.29 18:00 EEST

Tarzana, California

09.29. 8pm-11:00pm PDT Paladino Club

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Peace on the Streets

09.29 11:00am- 5:00pm EDT

Camden, New Jersey


Boulder, Colorado

09.29 Noon-4:00pm MDT

Austin, Texas

09.28 7:30-10:30pm CDT

Bellingen, New South Wales

09.29 9:30-Midnite AEST

Belfast, Northern Ireland

09.29. 6:00pm BST http//

Irkutsk, Siberia

09.29. 4 to 6:00pm IRKT

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

09.29 Kelly Writers House

Easthampton, Massachusetts

09.29. 4-6:00pm EDT

Cleveland, Ohio

09.29. 5:30-7:30pm EDT

San Antonio, Texas

09.29. Noon- 5:00pm CDT

Los Angeles, California

09.29 2:45pm (Radio)

San Salvador, El Salvador SLAM

09.29. 4.00pm CST

Alameda, California

09.29. 4:00pm-6:00pm PDT

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

09.29. 8, 9, 10:00am Radio show

Phoenix, AZ & Helsinki, Finland collaboration

09.30 @3PM MST (Phoenix, AZ), which is 1AM (10/01/2012, Finland)

Tullamore, Ireland

09.19.2012 4:00pm GMT

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