We Still Leave a Legacy- A poetry reading by Philip Robinson

Thursday, March 29th, 7pm at Medicine Wheel Productions

Free and Open to the Public





Medicine Wheel Productions is proud to present on Thursday, March 29th at 7pm “We Still Leave a Legacy”, a reading by the acclaimed and award winning poet Philip Robinson. A short reception and book signing with follow the reading.

Philip will read from his recently released second book of poems, We Still Leave a Legacy. This chapbook is a combination of verses written and dedicated in part to the many friends and family members that have transitioned either by way of HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-troubling issues. Philip attempts to capture his own sense of hope, determination and remembrance. He wants people to not only hear his voice, but desperately never to forget those voices of people that make this “Legacy” possible.

He began to write “Legacy” some twenty-five years ago as he commenced his volunteer work @ AIDS Action Committee. At that time, Philip became the chair of AAC Bayard Rustin Breakfast Committee. He also experienced the loss of friends through HIV/AIDS. Philip became diligent to praise the work of others who had gone on before him/us. He was determined to live by the mantra; “We stand on their shoulders.”

More about the poet and the event at the Boston, MA Website

*Photo is courtesy of Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

100 TPC organizer Teresa Dowell
continues her actions as a Poet for Change
by ongoing participation in Free Tibet demonstrations…

Go, Teresa!

See more about her work at:

  Tibetan Uprising Day, March 10, 2012

Thank you to the Tibetan Association of Southern California for photos used here.
See full album on Facebook.


Monday, March 12, 2012-6:00pm to 7:30
Pasadena Central Library
285 East Walnut Street
(626) 744-4066

On Facebook

Theresa Dowell will be organizing a poetry reading in Pasadena, CA
100 Thousand Poets for Change & World Wide Reading – ‘Freedom for Liu Xiaobo’
(in response to the call by: Ulrich Schreiber-Director-12th international literature festival berlin)…

Also, please make sure to visit The Tibetan Association of Southern California website to learn more about their participation in this global event as well as their continued actions for a Free Tibet.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,
On 20 March 2012, the international literature festival berlin (ilb) will organize a worldwide reading for the Chinese writer and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo. Liu Xiaobo has been in detention for more than three years, after he and other intellectuals wrote and published the civil rights manifesto Charta 08. The worldwide reading in March is meant to make Liu Xiaobo’s work known to a broader public and to back the protest.

The Charta 08 and poems by Liu Xiaobo will be read. We would be glad if cultural institutions, schools, universities and/or radio stations could host a reading on 20 March. The appeal (see annex) has been signed so far by Héctor Abad (Columbia), Kwame Anthony Appiah (USA), Amir Hassan Cheheltan (Iran), Noam Chomsky (USA), Bei Dao (China), Ariel Dorfman (Chile),Péter Esterházy (Hungary), Aminatta Forna (U.K., Sierra Leone), Juan Goytisolo (Spain/ Morocco),Herta Müller (Romania/Germany), Amos Oz (Israel), Laura Restrepo (Columbia), Henrietta Rose-­‐Innes (South Africa), Salman Rushdie (India/ USA), Tomaz Salamun (Slovenia), Peter Schneider (Germany), Sjón (Iceland), Janne Teller (Denmark), Dubravka Ugresic (Croatia/Netherlands), Anne Waldman (USA) and many other writers from all continents.

In order to let people all over the world know about our initiative, we need your support: Please publish the information. Our e-mail address is:

Most cordially yours,
Ulrich Schreiber
12th international literature festival berlin
September 5th ‐ 15th 2012 | Focus Art and Literature

Thank you Susan Lamont & the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County,CA, for your continued support! And Thanks to Gaia’s Garden for hosting and to all the poets for participating!

100 Thousand Poets for Change – Human Rights Day, bringing awareness about poets and writers held in Chinese prisons and demanding their release

Demonstration at Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles- Dec. 10th, 3 to 5 pm

Nana Nestoros, poet, organizer of 100 Thousand Poets for Change in Volos- interview to Dimitris Maredis
22 September 2011.


100 TPC is going to the UAE

Impressed with the 100 TPC initiative and our use of Facebook and the Internet to create the 100 TPC community, the Sharjah International Book has invited Terri and I to attend and take part in their 30th annual Fair.

This cultural exchange will give us the chance to connect with a new community, and to continue to promote and strengthen the message of peace and sustainability. And, attendance at the Sharjah International Book Fair will enable us to create new and exciting opportunities for our 2012 100 TPC events!

Sharjah’s participation in 100 TPC Sept. 24th, was amazing. We are honored to have them as part of the archive of 100 TPC 2011. You can read more about it on the Sharjah Book Fair Blog and see some amazing photos and video of the event as well, on their official Event Page.

Terri will be blogging about our experiences in the UAE on her new blog 10 Days in Sharjah and I will be on Facebook and Twitter sharing what I can. So check in on us often!
…we leave on Monday the 14th. It is going to be an amazing trip!

Poetry, music, and food to commit to working for a world which no longer creates war veterans. Local singer/songwriter/Vet for Peace Peter Tracy will open the event. Poets include members of Vets for Peace, the Peace Center and many more.  read more


Gaia’s Garden, 1899 Mendocino Ave,

Santa Rosa, CA

Sponsored by the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County

Stand Up for Tibet

Wednesday, November 2nd  5:00pm – 7:00pm

Chinese Consulate  443 Shatto Place  Los Angeles, CA

100 Thousand Poets for Change is organizing on Global Action Day for Tibet to stand in solidarity with the Tibetan people against oppression from China. Local poets will be reading and passing out poems by Tibetan poets Tenzin Tsundue, Tsoltim N. Shakabpa, Jigme Dorjee DAGYAP, Woeser, and Tsering Dhompa.



INTERNATIONAL DECLARATION FOR THE UNIVERSAL PEACE, in Isla Mujeres, POETIC SANCTUARY, signed by all the poets attending this WFP-IM 2011. (At the same time as 100 Poets for Change Stand Up for Tibet poetry reading and distribution in front of the Chinese Consulate in L.A. in solidarity with Global Action Day for Tibet on November 2nd)


Chinese Government – Hu Jintao:

Release Tibetan poet Tashi Rabten and end China’s censorship of writers.


Sign the petition!

October 19, 2011 

Free Tibet protest and candlelight vigil at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. 100 Thousand Poets for Change in solidarity.

Poets .. Visionaries .. Musicians .. Photographers

 Saturday, Oct. 15th, 5 – 7 p.m

Cafe Libertalia
3834 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
Co-hosts: Claudia Poquoc & Seretta Martin

I have a confession to make.  Confessions can be fun, especially if they’re full of color & pizzazz, & I can promise you mine is …

I’ve received a lot of publicity as the retired Union-Tribune editor who founded the Border Voices project, which sends poets into hundreds of classrooms throughout San Diego.  Others know me primarily for my weekly TV show, where I interview Nobel laureates & others  about how they write poetry.  Or they’ve read some of the 23 books I’ve published.

But none of that is what I really am, & THAT is the confession. What I REALLY am is a rabble-rouser.

For example, I was one of the original, leading organizers of the Vietnam War protests in San Francisco & Berkeley, protests that spread across the nation & toppled a president.

Because of the terrible things I saw at that time, my rabble-rousing has been more cerebral ever since.

Today, we’re in the middle of a new explosion of rebellion, of demands for change, & we need to be a part of it. Civilization is beginning to sing a new song, & it is our song.

But I return to my underlying theme: I saw terrible things occurring around me back in the 1960s, & in other crusades I have been involved in since.  People turned on each other, & on their fellow citizens, with contempt & violence.

We cannot let people of hate co-opt the latest movement for creative change.

That is one reason I have promoted poetry in the schools since 1993.  By teaching our kids to think for ourselves, we build hope for the future. And poetry is the best way to do that. As the greatest historian of the last 400 years said, poetry & civilization are pretty much the same thing. It was in the songs they sang around their campfires that our ancestors — 100,000 years ago — discovered the dream of civilization.

Today, in this coffee shop, we will listen to poets, with new dreams & new songs, offering competing & exciting visions of the future.

Thank you for joining us.
      Jack Webb

Webb is founding-director of Border Voices Poetry Project, and a retired news editor of The San Diego Union-Tribune.


Veronica Spinharney of Occupy San Diego
Sandra Alcosser, award- winning poet of Except by Nature and A Fish to Feed All Hunger, directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing at SDSU each fall and collaborates with scientists through Poets House New York. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, New York Times, Paris Review and Poetry.
Shadab Zeest Hasmi, author of Baker of Tarifa, San Diego Book Award winner 2010, editor of Magee Park Poets anthology, and a teacher in California Poets in the Schools. Originally from Pakistan, Shadab now lives in San Diego and her poems appear in Poetry International Journal and other world-wide publications.
Jack Webb, publisher of 23 books, founder-director of the Border Voices Poetry Project and TV host, whose poems deal with the change that grows in solitude … the geometry of wisdom, and the songs our ancestors sang around campfires, in which they discovered the dream of civilization. They are singing again …
And many more!!!!


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