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International Spoken Word Festival/Peace Without Borders/ Africa-Nairobi, Kenya

ORGANIZER: Walter Keyombe CONTACT: DESCRIPTION: Press Conference and Kickoff for October 8 International Spoken Word Festival/Peace Without Borders/ Africa/ in solidarity with 100 Thousand Poets for Change! Share this!Tweet

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Sitawa Wafula- Nairobi, Kenya

ORGANIZER: Sitawa Wafula


DESCRIPTION:For the Kenyan edition, we will have a late morning book swap that will stream down to a late afternoon of poetry performances by artists I will introduce next week (hint: one of my best spoken word mamas will be coming out of hiding, guess who)

The aim of having a book swap was inspired by my strong believe in books especially the help they have been to me when I went through my rape ordeal and mental health issues and having a poetry afternoon to embrace the way poetry helped me come out in the open and not be ashamed to say I am a rape survivor or that my mental take leave every so often.

To participate in the book swap,
1. Register a maximum of 3 books, a minimum of 1 by Wed 21st Sept by filling this  form.
2. Registration for each book is a non-refundable Ksh 50 payable on the Dday – Sat 24th Sept
3. Each book you register entitles you to a voucher which you will use to get another book.
4. Only those with vouchers are eligible to participate(if you don’t have, the word book swap loses meaning).
Proceeds from this event will be used to buy Sanitary towels for my girls in Mlolongo so that they stay in school this third term, get to read and get emancipated too.
After the book swap, we will have Kenyan version of 100 TPC where a number of poets will perform. Entrance for this is Ksh 150 or a packet of good quality sanitary towels.

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