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Ferizaj, Republic of Kosova

ORGANIZER:Poets living in Ferizaj


AN event for 100 TCP that will be held in Ferizaj, Republic of Kosova at 12.00 am. The Venue of such event is Kinobar.
A short description:

A group of poets living in the Ferizaj Area wish to get together and:
1. Discuss a possible agenda of activities to be held in year 2011-2012 in order to address social, economical or environmental problems.
2. Share poetry that addresses social, economical and environmental problems.
We wish for the day of 100TP for change, be the beginning of a broader intiative and a real commitment of the poets in the area of Ferizaj. The group of poets that belongs to no organization, but it is an expression of their free initiative, already organizes poetry events in the area of Ferizaj.
Organizer: Poets living in Ferizaj
Our contact person is:
Mr. Menduh Leka
Tel. 00377 44 845 169
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Prishtine, Kosovo

ORGANIZER: Hasije Selishta


Coordinator for Albania, Kosove and Belgium.
International Poets and Writers “Pegasi” Albania

Sekretary General
Agron Shele

President Internationali
Kristaq F Shabani

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