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Santa Barbara, California

ORGANIZER: Sojourner Kincaid Rolle aka SK Rolle

100,000 Poets for Change – Santa Barbara, CA

Saturday, September 24 · 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Contemporary Arts Forum
Upper Arts Terrace 653 Paseo Nuevo
Santa Barbara, CA

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Poets world-wide hosting poetry events in many different settings. The Santa Barbara event benefits City At Peace- SB and features a stellar group of local poets.

* Perie Longo * Hasani Simons * Melinda Palacio * Paul Portugues
* Steve Beisner * Barry Spacks * Katie Ingram * Ron Alexander
* Susan Chiavelli * Jonathan Gomez * Paul Fericano * Angelica Jochim
* Richard Jarrette * David Starkey * Michelle Detorie* Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

Each poet wil speak to their own passion concerning “Change”. This multi-media event will include speakers/music/visual art/stimulating conversation.

100,000 Poets For Change – Santa Barbara
will Benefit City At Peace-Santa Barbara (see below)

City At Peace-Santa Barbara
Managing Director: Karena Jew
Artistic Director: Joseph L. Velasco
Founded 1994 (by Nancy Davis)

Empowering Youth through the Performing Arts and Conflict Resolution

Empowering Youth through the Performing Arts and Conflict Resolution. We offer teens a safe place to share their stories and learn about themselves and create a city at peace in their own community.

City at Peace is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that empowers teenagers to create safe, peaceful and productive lives and communities. Using the performing arts as a vehicle, City at Peace is developing the next generation of engaged community leaders.

City at Peace operates year-long programs that bring together vastly diverse groups of youth from all over a city. They go through an intense creative process through which they write an original musical whose stories come from their lives and their ideas for a better world. They also create community change projects where they take those ideas and act on them in their city.

City at Peace envisions a society where teenagers are valued, respected and play a leading role in creating vibrant communities.

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