Louisville, Kentucky

ORGANIZER: Merle Bachman

CONTACT: batshira@earthlink.net


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  1. Merle Bachman says:

    What does Louisville have in common with Paris, London, Dublin – and Boulder, Brattleboro and Brooklyn? Not to mention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Adelaide, Australia, and communities across Africa? POETRY, that’s what! – and on Saturday, September 24th, the Louisville literary community hooks up to ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE, a world-wide poetry event!!! The Louisville event will be a poetic & musical extravaganza featuring local writers and musicians such as Makalani Bandele, Katarina Stoykova-Klemer, Kate Welsh, Sonja Devries, Sheri Wright and Shadwick Wilde. SAVE SEPTEMBER 24TH from 7 to 10 pm at LA CASITA CENTER, 230 Woodbine Street in Old Louisville and stay tuned for more.
    For information about events across the world:

    For information about the Louisville event:
    Merle Bachman / batshira@earthlink.net
    Sonja de Vries / sonrevolution@aol.com
    Sheri Wright / wrightsheril@gmail.com

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