Seoul, South Korea

ORGANIZER: Thomas Michael Corcoran



Proposal for Action for Change with Poetry

Title : 100 Thousand Poets For Change in Korea
Date : Sept. 24, 2011
Location: 스페이스 오뉴월 space O’NewWall

Participants: Anyone living in S. Korea interested in change to better our social, political and environmental situation.

Address Space O’NewWall
주소 : 서울특별시 성북구 성북동 51-2, 51-2 SeongbukDong, SeobukGU, Seoul, S. Korea 서울시 성북구 성북동 51-2.

How to participate: There will be a group reading. Please contact Thomas Michael Corcoran E-Mail: 010-2416-223, Juno Seo E-mail: 010-6500-6741

Poetry Submissions are due by Sept 10 Midnight by E-mail, to give time for translation. For more information on this worldwide event go to

space O’NewWall Homepage:

Tel : 070-4401-6741
Fax : 02-742-6741

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3 Responses to Seoul, South Korea

  1. I am now working with Juno Seo art publicist and owner of O’NewWall Space gallery in Seongbukdong, Seoul. He knows quite a few poets and artists here in Seoul. We are putting our heads together, but are still looking for any outside participation.

    -Mike Corcoran

  2. We are making some initial progress in Seoul. I have spoken to long-time resident and artist Jack Large, and art agent Juno Seo of 0’NewWall Gallery here in Seoul. We are getting the gears moving! If you would like to participate in this event please contact me.

  3. Jack Large says:

    Mike Corcoran and I are in contact and will meet about preparation for the Sept event soon. This is a good idea. If poets and artists of every discipline don’t press for positive and humane changes in society, why should anyone else bother?

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