Moscow, Russia

ORGANIZER: Anya Rumiantzeva


When: 24 September (Saturday); 17.00
Where: café “Ex:Libris” (Russia, Moscow, Bobrov per., 6)
The topic: common language
Who: Russian poets

Dmitry Kuzmin

Stanislav LvovskyСтанислав_Львовский (only in russian) (poems in English)

Danila DavydovДанила_Давыдов (only in russian) (poems in English)

Valery NugatovВалерий_Нугатов (only in russian) (poems in English)

Fyodor Svarovsky (poems in English)

Nikolai Zvyagintsev (poems in English)Николай_Звягинцев (only in russian)

Vassily Borodin

Lev Oborin

Anna Orlitskaya

Sveta Sdvig

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