Abbotsford, British Columbia

ORGANIZER: Stella Johnson


This event is in Abbotsford and will include the lower mainland, Fraser Valley and as far as Hope BC.

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  1. Stella Johnson says:

    100tpc 2012 Sept 29th……………………..join the community, be the change!
    Stella Johnson

  2. Erin Fisher says:

    …at Yuletide and for the Coming Year…

    A Celtic Blessing

    May the light of your soul guide you.

    May the light of your soul bless the work that you do
    with the secret love and warmth of your heart.

    May you see in what you do the beauty of your own soul.

    May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light
    and renewal to those who work with you
    and to those who see and receive your work.

    May your work never weary you.

    May it release within you wellsprings of
    refreshment, inspiration and excitement.

    May you be present in what you do.

    May you never become lost in bland absences.

    May the day never burden.

    May dawn find you awake and alert,
    approaching your new day with dreams, possibilities and promises.

    May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.

    May you go into the night blessed, sheltered and protected.

    May your soul calm, console and renew you.

    – Traditional

  3. Stella Johnson says:

    Robert Martens reading his poems “mother cedar” at 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon”
    at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford bc Canada SEPT 24TH 2011

    mother cedar

    hug a tree, he said,
    in bad times, your
    anger will sink
    like sap
    into her bark.
    she’s the seed in a stranger’s eye.

    she witnesses creation’s ambush, stars scorching feral space, she hops into the stranger’s hand, hopes for a bit of good soil.

    planet earth rushes by, the stranger’s hand opens, she falls, well, she thinks, anything could grow here, she rests in a pot of lava.

    the planet is mildly surprised.

    she waits.

    through an eon’s simple heart.

    earth cools, discovers the words to welcome her.

    trilobites splashing at her heels.

    she plants herself beside a swamp, mud and water boiling with life.

    a giant anthill tickles her toes.

    dinosaurs nuzzle her foliage, she shelters a tiny mammal from the pterodactyl’s leathery screech.

    when the great forests march in from the sea, she’s ready for them, she calls the names of the continents.

    feathered heartbeats nest in her hair.

    a man and woman of clay make love beneath her arms, she lifts their infant into the fragrance of her branches, we’re safe, no fang shall sniff us out, mother cedar has loved us such a long time.

    she stiffens through the ice age, brushes frozen sky, beckons us home, you’ll see, she says, it will be alright.

    she embraces the sun, forgives its lengthy absence, drinks the warm spring rain.

    painted people strip her bark for sacred war, she bears the scars proudly.

    tall ships drop anchor, spit out little men, do your worst, she’ll never fall.

    smooth-skinned children build highways around her shoulders, she shrugs them off.

    our cities demand the power of her veins, she gives freely.

    time accelerates in a white rush of infinite equations.

    she breathes slowly, utters a single word.

    i searched for a friend on the other side, wandered through her grove, far from the bad breath of downtown men.

    when you read this, i’ll have slept beneath her roots a billion years.

    the stranger saunters by, glances at her, at me, continues on his way.

    she will cradle our planet as it crumbles.

  4. Stella Johnson says:

    Trevor Carolan reading at 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE Abbotsford
    “Arts ECO Salon”
    at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford BC Canada SEPT 24TH 2011

  5. Stella Johnson says:

    Daan van der Kroon at 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon”
    at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford bc Canada.

  6. Stella Johnson says:

    Deborah Kelly’s poem EULOGY FOR MOTHER EARTH, opened the reading with a “BANG” at the 100tpc “Arts ECO Salon” on Sept. 24th.


    “I am Mother Earth”

    Because it appears that mankind

    does not know me at all, I wish

    to communicate who I am

    and how people are destroying

    my once pristine elements.

    I need mankind to understand

    my workings, and to explain

    how I am connected to every living thing.

    The living waters of this planet

    are my life’s blood.

    My blood feeds the plants upon

    my surface, and all creatures great

    and small who come to my shores to drink.

    At one time, my blood was a crystal clear,

    life-giving fluid, but now,

    much of it is bitter and full of toxins.

    Because of mankind’s ignorance,

    my beautiful waters are no longer life-giving.

    Humankind continues to rape my forests,

    and dismember me bit by bit.

    Poisons are being flushed through me,

    constantly being dumped in my oceans

    and buried within my soil.

    Crimes which, if perpetrated by humans

    one upon another, would be

    punishable by law.

    I see no justice in the way I am treated.

    I see few weep for the open wounds

    upon my skin, created by your clear-cutting.

    Nor do I see many tears fall toward

    the realization of the murder you continue

    to inflict upon me day after day.

    I die a slow, silent and undignified death;

    I am in agony and it seems that no one hears

    or cares to listen to my pleas.

    My forests are burning, sweet and loving

    gifts that I have given, lie putrid and forgotten

    at the bottom of your sewers.

    You skewer my skin with your machines,

    and spoil, with this selfishness, your

    dreams of a world more alive.

    Your actions, albeit, unconscious actions,

    are destroying everything that

    once was beautiful.

    Flowers in gardens no longer fill the

    air around them with their lingering perfumes.

    Blooms, only half open, breathe the poison,

    fade and die.

    Mankind wonders why?

    I am humiliated, sorrowed, and angered

    by your selfish abuse.

    Storms brew, earthquakes rumble…

    mountains will spew and homes will crumble.

    I will now unleash my defenses against

    such grave travesties.”

    Humankind is no match to the

    torrents and anger of Mother Earth.

    Fire, Earth, Air and Water are loyal to her

    loving call ~ they will assist her, all.

    “As you see each day pass, as you watch

    the moon wax in the light polluted sky…

    There am I…Mother Earth.

    Will there be a rebirth of the beauty

    and spendour that you destroy?

    Will the hand of Universal Love and salvation

    guide me in my plight to survive?

    Yes, I am alive!

    You demand of me that I feed millions,

    yet you replenish nothing and I become

    weaker and weaker.

    My soil in which you now plant

    has been depleted of nutrients.

    The water you utilize for purification

    and food, is filled with wormwood,

    it will not do much good

    for your future crops.

    What you do ~ I cannot undo

    without destroying myself as well.

    I can rejuvenate when the carnage is over.

    When the seas settle, and the

    mountains rage no more;

    when the water, cleansed and purified

    once again laps at the shore.

    Remember when you walked through

    my forest trails, the sights and smells?

    The pungent, yet fresh smell of sweet loam ~

    the wood that has been chewed

    to create a new home;

    birds in the sky and herds on the earth…

    Do they not deserve a chance for rebirth?

    As a guardian mother of children so rebellious

    and unkind, what do I do, where do I find

    the anecdote to heal the pain of this poison;

    the answers to stop this rape?

    Where do I find the key

    to lock these evil influences away?

    I will tolerate no more your insolence,

    and your haste to destroy my every treasure.

    Nor will it last much longer.

    You will run to me for pleasure and peace;

    and I shall unleash the harshest persecution

    for all humankind to see…

    God did not create you so that

    you could beat upon me.

    I am a living orb in an open universe.

    You have chained and bound me to

    your methods of destruction.

    I am overwhelmed and see no light to freedom.

    I have given you gifts to charm you,

    food to nourish you and water to sustain you,

    and this is the horrifying gift

    you give in return

    I cannot give to you forever.

    You must replenish my store!

    There will come a day, when I will breathe my

    last breath, and I will be able to carry you no more.

    Will I be left to die, taking all life with me,

    or will the kindness and compassion of loving,

    caring humans be able to heal the wounds

    that have been inflicted upon my weeping soul?

    I am too old and I feel too weak

    to replenish the havoc you have wreaked.

    My stores are almost empty, the ground is cold

    and it is eating up my giving soul.

    Can anyone hear me screaming ~ no, no, no;

    Don’t take that away, you will leave me unwhole!

    Please, do not leave me here, I cannot be left to

    dwell broken and lost in this

    legacy of your calamity.

    Look at me, I am all around you.

    I warm you, I love you, I give you shelter

    from all of my harshest elements.

    There are remnants of things that once

    were both beautiful and natural.

    I find myself awed and stunned by

    the wall of denial you raise not to

    see the harm you create ~ and of

    the dangerous predator you have become.

    Perhaps one more prayer for my salvation;

    perhaps one more hope unto Heaven, that I,

    the strongest of any Mother ever known,

    am forced to bow down for humanity;

    and that I must depart from this regal

    and merciful stance to counter mankind’s cruelty

    in such an unforgiving society…it is abhorrent to me.

    Would that I were alive as you.

    Would that I could speak softly, your language;

    that I could whisper the Truth through your heart.

    Instead, I must plead, and…

    I beg of you, have mercy, help me to heal

    and take me back to the Eden of my youth.”
    Copyright, Deborah L. Kelly

  7. Stella Johnson says:

    Lynn Perrin at 100tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon” on Sept 24th 2011 at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford bc Canada.

    Photos by Kimberly Strain.

    • Stella Johnson says:

      Regina Dalton joined Lynn accompanied by a laundry basket…OUR WATER….THE…Liquid Gold????

  8. Stella Johnson says:

    Councillor Patricia Ross,
    shared her spoken word at the 100TPC Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon” on Sept 24th 2011 at the REACH Gallery Musem Abbotsford BC Canada.

    As Councillor of Abbotsford, ROSS from 2000 to 2006, took on the job of Public and Media Relations Coordinator and Chief Lobbyist for the City of Abbotsford on their successful and precedent setting campaign of opposition to the polluting power plant proposal of Sumas Energy 2 (SE2). If built, this plant would have emitted 2 1/2 tons of pollutants into a sensitive and confined air-shed, affecting the health of over 300,000 people and local biodiversity. In March of 2006, SE2 admitted defeat.

    Photo courtesy of Kimberly Strain.

  9. Stella Johnson says:

    Kimberly Strain, official photographer to the event!

    Thank you Kimberly!!!

  10. Stella Johnson says:

    Elder Ray Silver SR. from the Sumas First Nation, shared many personal stories at
    100tpc Abbptsford
    “Arts ECO Salon”
    on Sept 24th, 2011 at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford BC Canada

    Mr Silver, an advocate for nature and the environment, has first hand witnessed the changing local ECO-landscape!

    Thank you Mr. Silver for your heartfelt stories.
    For stories please view video!

    Stella Johnson
    organizer 100 tpc Abbotsford ” Arts ECO Salon, 2011

  11. Stella Johnson says:




    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders Fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

    – John McCrae, 1915

  12. Stella Johnson says:

    poet Shelley Hagard reading at 100Thousand Poets for Change ABBOTSFORD
    ” Arts ECO Salon”
    at the on Sept 24th at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford BC Canada.

    Translating for the Trees

    The Trees have donned their full green frocks
    and are sashaying in the wind.
    In the same wind that blows the rain clouds
    end to end across the lowered sky.

    I have donned my best green frock
    and my diamond and emeralds
    hoping to compete with the Trees
    and their blossom jewellery. Silly me!

    I wish I had green eyes and dark chestnut hair
    so that I could claim to be clan of the Tree;
    transplanted here to translate
    the Trees whispers through the leaves,
    the moans and groans of the Trees trunks and
    the branches scratching on glass.

    I think they would have it known;
    would have me tell you that they have grown
    to know mankind and that they are wise
    to the world between their roots.

    And they would have me compose
    a lullaby to teach children
    the importance of Trees before
    they’re lost to us. Like this:

    Trees are patient, Trees are wise.
    Trees sing Mother Nature’s Lullabies.
    Trees have roots that run deep, deep down.
    We must help trees stay in the ground.
    Trees dance in colour, Trees clean the night.
    We must defend them with all our might.
    Trees are earth’s friend and do their part.
    Trees have living, breathing, wooden hearts.

    © Shelley Haggard

    The Trees

    The Trees,
    dark green,
    with silver limbs;
    are cool and damp
    should I wander in.

    The more
    I see them,
    I realize,
    that God
    is here
    in tree disguise.

    © Shelley Haggard

    The Anti-Green Revolution

    In the history of the Fraser Valley we have drained lakes;
    displacing waterfowl and fish from their wetlands
    so we could grow tobacco, timothy, clover and hops.
    We took a crystal clear river that reflected like a mirror
    and turned it into the big muddy so it’s not safe to swim in,
    let alone drink from.
    We forced people off of land that they had used without spoiling for centuries; all in the name of progress and ‘The Green Revolution’.
    We built railways along the beautiful water-ways;
    losing pristine views and natural resources to the big business of transport.
    We mowed down forests like they were lawns to be groomed,
    led it’s creatures to their doom, so we could build houses
    for the increasing numbers and make paper to flush away.
    We took the big sky and brought it down to size
    with the pollution from factories, mills, trains and cars;
    conveniently forgetting that all life forms need air to breathe.
    We dammed the rivers, changing their original flow
    so our animals could graze or crops could grow,
    not caring about the fish food or the fish,
    or where the people, birds and animals would have to go.
    We grew in size, numbers and demands
    until the producers thought they’d modify their crops and over-use the land. We increased the taxes and the tax base, yet did little forecasting
    of the use of water and land or the handling of waste.
    We sold the river down the river
    to the pollution from the mills, the businesses and States,
    and we ignored or dis-credited the environmentalists
    when they tried to cry out, “RAPE!”
    Now we reap the great rewards
    like a valley filled with children and adults that find breathing hard.
    Like water that needs to be treated because of the run-off from farms.
    Now we look at museum pictures of the missing lake
    and admit it might not have been ours to take.
    We feel bad about what was done back then when it’s far too late
    and we put up money to try to compensate.
    But that won’t bring back the forest or the animals
    or give the people back their land,
    and I can’t say how sorry I am that we’re just another dark story
    in the greed-filled annals of man.

    © Shelley Haggard

    Photography by Kimberly Stain!!!

    Write a reply…

  13. Stella Johnson says:

    MC and poet Paul Falardeau opening remarks at the

    100Thousand Poets For Change Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon” held on Sept 24th. 2011 at the REACH Gallery Museum Abbotsford Canada.

    Photo by….Kimberly Strain!!

    Thank you Kimberly!!!!!!


  14. Stella Johnson says:

    Stella Johnson’s closing remarks at the 100tpc Arts ECO Salon Sept 24 2011 at the REACH Gallery, Museum, Abbotsford BC Canada.

    Photos by KIMBERLY STRAIN,

    Thank you Kimberly Strain!

  15. Stella Johnson says:

    Stella Johnson

    Thank you for waiting so patiently for the photos of the
    100tpc Abbotsford Arts ECO Salon held on Sept 24th at the REACH.

    Many thanks to KIMBERLY STRAIN for volunteering to be the events official photographer.
    Kimberly’s creative photos have captured the essence of the moments, the energy of the participants and heart felt memories!!!! Thank you Kimberly!!!!!!

    Over the next few days I will be posting some of the images highlighting the event.

  16. Stella Johnson says:


    100 Thousand Poets for Change at The Reach

    By Katie Stobbart (Contributor) – Email

    Date Posted: October 5, 2011
    Print Edition: September 28, 2011

    “100 Thousand Poets for Change” is a global event which took place on Saturday, September 24. Nearly a hundred people from the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver gathered at the Reach Gallery and Museum in Abbotsford to hear more than a dozen poets, musicians, and speakers from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. The theme chosen for Abbotsford’s gathering was ecology, and the entire event was streamed live online to YouTube.

    Sumas elder Ray Silver, Sr. warmly welcomed everyone to the event. “This territory is our territory — belongs to us all,” he said. “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…I open my hands to you.”

    Over the course of the afternoon, we heard detailed accounts of local environmental issues such as gravel mining at Lake Eroc, free-range farming, the threat of incinerators, and the privatization of water. Regina Dalton urged a receptive audience to keep water a publicly owned and controlled resource, stressing the value of the “blue gold.” Kat Wahamaa spoke and sang about her concerns regarding water and gravel mining which literally takes place in her backyard.

    One poet, Deborah Kelly, read a poem called “Eulogy for Mother Earth,” in which she compared the crimes humanity has committed against the Earth to rape, dismemberment, and murder.

    After a five-minute intermission, there was a performance by local musician Willis Taylor and a reading by John Vissor, followed by City Councillor Patricia Ross, who appealed to listeners to speak up to governments and corporations. “Silence is interpreted as acceptance,” she explained. “Corporations count on individuals getting frustrated and tired and giving up.”

    We also heard from writers and community advocates Lynn Perrin, Paul Falardeau, Robert Martens, Shelley Haggard, Braeden Sawatsky and Daan van der Kroon.

    Ray Silver, Sr. was invited back to the podium, and expressed his gratitude and relief that so many other people truly cared about environmental issues the way that he did. “I remember,” he shared, “the Fraser River when it was clean. I look at it today and it just makes me sick.” There was sadness in his voice as he continued. “I feel so bad when I look at children… they will never see this country as I saw it.”

    The program concluded with a reading by Trevor Carolan, who spoke about a writer’s responsibility and the role of contemporary poets and creative people.

    A local poet, Terry Broadworth, shared two eco-themed poems at the open mic, and summed up the event warmly: “I look around this room, and I am surrounded by friends, and I am home.”

    In the future, it would be encouraging to see more events of this nature, but perhaps over the course of more than one event. A series, for example, or an event split up over the course of the day with a lunch break in between might be an effective way to avoid running over the scheduled event time (by about an hour in this case). Overall, however, the event succeeded in uniting many community members and writers under a common banner of environmental concern.

  17. Stella Johnson says:

    I have been resting
    no so
    no so
    no so
    down with the flu
    not so
    no cure
    I’M BACK!!!!

  18. Stella Johnson says:

    Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!
    100 Thousand Poets for Change Abbotsford ARTS ECO Salon was an astounding success!
    Love you all!
    Stella Johnson
    event organizer


  19. Rita Carrington says:

    Dedicacion a mi gente y al puerto de San Blas, Nayarit Mexico
    Un lugar paradisiaco donde vivi los mejores años de mi vida!


    Por M. Rita. Cruz de Carrington

    Atravez de los años, he acarreado recuerdos y sueños
    como un álbum de mi vida.
    Como me hubiera gustado conservarlos eternamente;
    pero se desvanecieron muy rápido.

    Todavia puedo ver;
    cuando correteaba por tu playa, tan libremente,
    como si no hubiera ni hora ni tiempo.

    Las olas bañando mis pies,
    mientras juntaba conchitas y caracoles en la arena.

    A los pescadores echando silbidos y gritos
    para cordinar;
    la arriada de sus redes hacia la orilla.

    El cardumen de peces
    hirviendo junto a la orilla de la playa,
    a las tijeretas como kamacasis,
    abriendo el agua para cazar a su presa.

    El vaivén de las pangas en el mar,
    arrullándose al ritmo de las olas,
    las hamacas meciéndose en la ramada
    y las palmeras bailando con el viento.

    Yo disfrutaba;
    mirar el subir y bajar de la marea,
    ver las nubes pasar de este a oeste,
    los torneos de pesca cada mayo,
    la llegada de los barcos a la bahía.

    Todavia puedo escuchar;
    el silbido del viento en mis oídos,
    el trineo de los pájaros
    el aleteo de las gaviotas,
    y el sonido de las olas quebrar.

    Extraño tanto;
    La salida del sol atravez de las montañas
    en el amanecer;
    y el hermoso crepúsculo del atardecer.

    Respirar el aire puro y fresco que nos dabas
    y las caminatas por la densa jungla.

    Todavía puedo oler;
    la brisa del océano y la tierra mojada,
    el olor del pescado frito, saliendo de tus ramadas.
    Y el sabor de las frutas tropicales de la temporada.

    Oh! Mí querido Matanchén, como te podría olvidar
    si dia a dia tú me viste crecer.

    Tú proveíste todas mis necesidades;
    la paz y la tranquilidad;

    Que me ayudo a crecer de la forma que soy
    Que me hizo pensar de la forma que pienso,
    Que me hizo sentir de la forma que siento,

    Tú me enseñaste a mirar las cosas;
    Con sensitividad y compasión,
    con ternura y cariño,
    y con un toque de inocencia.

    En mis ojos y en mi corazón;
    nunca habrá un lugar como el tuyo,

    Donde disfrute los años más maravillosos de mi vida,
    Donde podía correr libremente como el viento,
    Donde podía dejar mi mente vagar con mis fantasías….

    Ahora que tú has cambiado;
    Porque la madre naturaleza lo quiso de esta manera,
    la gente se ha movido a la ciudad
    dejándote abandonado.

    Yo regresaré a ti;
    buscando por la paz que perdí,
    a terminar mis dias y descansar en tus aguas.

  20. Stella Johnson says:

    100TPC ABBOTSFORD Arts ECO Salon welcomes

    Councillor Ross

    Patricia Ross is currently serving her 6th term on the recipient of the 2009 “Woman of the Year” Award. Her current appointments include:

    •Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District
    •Chair of the FVRD Air Quality and Environment Committee
    •Abbotsford/Mission Water and Sewer Services Commission
    •Abbotsford Environmental Advisory Committee
    •Restorative Justice Board
    Patricia’s philosophy toward government is to fully embrace the Sustainability principals. That is, to consider the environmental, social and economic impacts in all decision making.

    Patricia is a Fellow of Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) International. LEAD is a research and training program dedicated to fostering worldwide sustainability. Her research has taken her to Oaxaca, Mexico; Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Greece and Turkey.

    In December 2004, Patricia spoke at the International Climate Change conference in Buenos Aires about the challenges and rewards of environmental conservation in local government.

    Patricia is a motivational speaker and is frequently requested to speak to community groups on topics ranging from environment to politics. She is also a published free-lance writer.

    From 2000 to 2006, Patricia took on the job of Public and Media Relations Coordinator and Chief Lobbyist for the City of Abbotsford on their successful and precedent setting campaign of opposition to the polluting power plant proposal of Sumas Energy 2 (SE2). If built, this plant would have emitted 2 1/2 tons of pollutants into a sensitive and confined airshed, affecting the health of over 300,000 people and local biodiversity. In March of 2006, SE2 admitted defeat.

    Awards received include the 2009 “Woman of the Year” award from the Business & Professional Women’s Club of Abbotsford / Mission, “Newsmaker of the Year” award from the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, “Service Recognition” award from the Abbotsford Police Department Victim Services, “Order of the Fraser Valley” from a local community group and “Environmental Watchdog” award from the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce. In 2003, the district of Mission Council took the unusual step of presenting Patricia with a certificate of appreciation for “working to preserve air quality in the Fraser Valley.” In 2007, Patricia was granted the “Paul Harris” Rotary club award for her community work.

  21. Stella Johnson says:

    Welcome……………………. Tyler Johnson Photography to the 100tpc Arts ECO Salon!!!

  22. Shelley Haggard says:

    Translating for the Trees

    The Trees have donned their full green frocks
    and are sashaying in the wind.
    In the same wind that blows the rain clouds
    end to end across the lowered sky.

    I have donned my best green frock
    and my diamond and emeralds
    hoping to compete with the Trees
    and their blossom jewellery. Silly me!

    I wish I had green eyes and dark chestnut hair
    so that I could claim to be clan of the Tree;
    transplanted here to translate
    the Trees whispers through the leaves,
    the moans and groans of the Trees trunks and
    the branches scratching on glass.

    I think they would have it known;
    would have me tell you that they have grown
    to know mankind and that they are wise
    to the world between their roots.

    And they would have me compose
    a lullaby to teach children
    the importance of Trees before
    they’re lost to us. Like this:

    Trees are patient, Trees are wise.
    Trees sing Mother Nature’s Lullabies.
    Trees have roots that run deep, deep down.
    We must help trees stay in the ground.
    Trees dance in colour, Trees clean the night.
    We must defend them with all our might.
    Trees are earth’s friend and do their part.
    Trees have living, breathing, wooden hearts.

    © Shelley Haggard

    The Trees

    The Trees,
    dark green,
    with silver limbs;
    are cool and damp
    should I wander in.

    The more
    I see them,
    I realize,
    that God
    is here
    in tree disguise.

    © Shelley Haggard

    The World Doesn’t Care

    The soil doesn’t care whose blood damps it down,
    whose sweat and tears and dreams and fears are left behind;
    never to be found.

    The sun doesn’t care where it shines, what it kills, what it cures.
    The sun doesn’t care if you respect it, or worship it.

    The moon doesn’t care if you’re on the dark side or the light:
    the moon doesn’t care if you blame it for the moods and tides.

    The stars don’t care who map their way; find a safe port in a storm.
    The stars don’t care if you’re safe and warm.

    The rocks don’t care about the humans and their trails.
    The rocks hold steady until the earth says ‘fail’.

    The sand doesn’t care about the passage of time.
    The sand doesn’t care what was written in it;
    or about your name, or mine.

    The water doesn’t care if it’s salty, silted, clear, or not.
    The water doesn’t care in what current you get caught.

    The trees don’t care if you use a chainsaw or an axe.
    The trees don’t care if you heard them fall;
    they aren’t growing back.

    The clouds don’t care if they rain or not, or if it’s hot.
    The clouds don’t care if they obliterate mountaintops.

    Just like mankind, the world doesn’t care
    about every step that mankind takes.
    And ultimately the world won’t care
    if mankind is master or mistake.

    © Shelley Haggard

  23. Stella Johnson says:

    A POSTER for the Arts ECO Salon designed by Jeff Stackhouse!!!

    Thank you JEFF!!!

    Jeff Stackhouse’s creates original and culturally poignant works which reflect upon our current state of celebrity worship and instantaneous fame both celebrating and critiquing current popular culture simultaneously.

    Jeff’s early work was infused with pop culture.

    After graduating two times from University, with honors, Jeff spent many years creating poems, songs, stories, videos, photography, paintings, drawings, and did many art shows throughout B.C. Canada.

    In 2010, he became involved in a personal milestone, creating art for the Olympic Games in Vancouver. His task included painting 3 snowboards, high atop Cypress Mountain, on stage, at the “Urban Live Art Showcase”. The world came to see the best, and Jeff was certainly part of the cultural success of the games. Out of this came a refreshing new outlook, and thus, his own new version of traditional Pop Art was born.

    Inspired by Pop Artists such as Jeff Koons, and Andy Warhol, Jeff created an original form of art, he calls High-Pop.

    Behind every Pop piece is his personal slogan and movement Love Everyone. He believes everyone is the same because we all need love. His dream is to generate love through art to formulate a difference in our society. Jeff is currently nominated for Best Emerging Artist at the Abbotsford “Arty Awards” and will be part of the 2011 Fraser Valley Biennale. Jeff plans to keep the love flowing at the next two Olympic Games in London and Russia, and by producing album covers for rock bands.

  24. Brayden Sawatzky says:

    Let’s all learn, and persevere in preserving nature –
    and nature will be friends with us humans in return.

    “If you violate Nature’s laws,
    you are your own prosecuting attorney,
    judge, jury, and hangman. ”

    Luther Burbank (1849 – 1926)

    Whispers Of Twilight

    Will it fade away
    without us knowing why?
    Summer into fall…

    (Brayden Sawatzky)

  25. Stella Johnson says:

    Thank you to our new sponsor THRIFTY FOODS!

    This sponsorship was possible due to MARLISA POWER, sponsor co-coordinator.

    Thank you Thrifty Foods and Marlisa!!!

    Please support Thrifty Foods Abbotsford –
    on Parallel Marketplace – #101 – 1888 North Parallel Road

    Thrifty Foods for Sustainability!!!!!!

    As an organization, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and promote sustainability initiatives in all aspects of our business. Our environmental stewardship commitment includes seeking out sustainable farms and producers as well as partnering with vendors that employ sustainable business practices.

    In August 2011, Sobeys Inc. released its second annual sustainability report – setting out measurable goals on how to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our day-to-day business activities.

    Your Green Grocer
    The Green Aisle
    Sustainable Seafood

  26. Stella Johnson says:

    the ARTS ECO SALON is pleased to announce that the prolific writer and editor


    will be the featured guest poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trevor Carolan began writing at age 17 for The Columbian newspaper in New Westminster before attending UBC and traveling widely in Europe and Asia. He received an M.A. in English at Humboldt State in California, and on graduating began profiling and interviewing outstanding personalities from the world of arts and culture. He served as first Executive Director of the Federation of B.C. Writers in the early l980s, enjoyed a variety of teaching appointments, and also served as Literary Coordinator for the 15th Olympic Winter Games Arts Festival in Calgary.
    In 2006, Dr. Carolan earned his Ph.D. at Bond University in Queensland, Australia for interdisciplinary studies involving Literature, Ecology and ideas of the Sacred in International Relations. He has published many books of non-fiction, poetry, fiction, translations, and anthologies, as well as scores of articles and interviews. His work has appeared in five languages and includes Giving Up Poetry: With Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock, a memoir of his studies with the late-American writer and activist; Return To Stillness: Twenty Years With A Tai Chi Master, which received a Best Books of Year Citation, spiritual category, from New York critics in 2004; and Making Waves, an edited essay collection on B.C. & Pacific Northwest literature .
    A former elected municipal Councillor in the District of North Vancouver, Trevor has worked as media advocate on behalf of international human rights, Pacific Coast watershed issues, and First Nations land claims. As councillor, he worked to preserve Cove and Mountain forests in Seymour from logging and massive real estate development, was instrumental in shepherding the Varley Trail in Lynn Headwaters into being, and first proposed the idea of re-designating the Seymour Logging Demonstration Forest to the Seymour Conservation Area. Currently the International Editor of the Pacific Rim Review of Books, he teaches English and Creative Writing at University of the Fraser Valley.

  27. Stella Johnson says:

    Rosa is a visual artist who’s work is now on exhibit at the REACH Gallery Museum .
    Rosa will be discussing her recent works on the environament!!!!


    Visual Artist, Rosa Quintana Lillo, was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1977, after fleeing two military dictatorships, she and her family arrived in Toronto, Canada.

    There she attended the Toronto Art Centre where she received a solid technical foundation in painting and sculpture. Since 1989, she has worked for some of Canada’s most prominent West Coast First Nations artists, Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Susan Point. Her primary work for these artists was the production of carvings, rubber moulds and castings in various materials. She has worked for the Vancouver Film Industry as a sculptor and Props maker, as a mould maker and caster for contemporary Vancouver artists and as a sessional instructor at Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver.

    For the last fifteen years, she has worked on mixed media paintings out of her home based studio. Her work communicates an introspective reflection of psychology and nature. In recent years, she has become rooted to a specific area, and therefore the landscape has become more of a focal point in her paintings. Immersing herself into the atmosphere of her surrounding environment is where she finds the catalysts needed to paint her inspired works. Her lines and textures are expressionistic conveying mood, affecting the surfaces in unpredictable ways. Venturing into the unknown and embracing chance and imposing ideas on a familiar comfort zone are part of her creative process. Her paintings incorporate mixed media acrylics, inks, waxes and glues. Having lived in several countries and several provinces has given her a broad perspective which effects and nurtures her subject matter. She has traveled extensively throughout Canada, Europe and South America, Mexico is presently on her mind.

    She is currently working on the production of ongoing/new bodies of work out of her studio in Agassiz, British Columbia.

  28. Yolanda Schella says:

    How the simple *Rose* is dependent upon its sustainability from Mother Nature.
    Nutrients from the soil; water; air; and inter connection of insects provide it with *life.*

    How quickly that *Rose* would die if its needs were not met; its impact to dependent insects.
    Pollution has its domino effect on nature, ultimately its affect on the environment, then us!

    How quickly humanity will tremble without the comforts of all its luxuries, comforts, and health.
    Ignorance or selfishness, either way, mankind will reap its havoc as it indignantly demands

  29. Brayden Sawatzky says:

    Five Reasons To Plant A Tree

    A large tree can lift 450 litres of water
    out of the ground and discharge it into
    the air in one day.

    A tree near your home can reduce your
    air conditioning bill by as much as 20 %.

    One large tree can provide for a day of
    oxygen for up to four people.

    Trees can increase property value by
    about 20 per cent.

    A single tree can, in one year, absorb
    as much carbon dioxide as is produced
    by a car driven 40,000 kilometres.

  30. Brayden Sawatzky says:

    Second Sight

    From the microscopic to the telescopic
    true love comes alive with majesty –
    a verb with power to transform
    an action far beyond reaction
    expectation with a vision
    bigger than the sky…

    World without end! We are one
    hurtling through time and space…
    Slow down to roll among the dandelions
    and drink this new elixir –
    the nectar of our second sight.

    Now we live transfixed –
    eyes and hearts enchanted
    by awakened awe
    that sees into eternity
    as mother to our ancient child.

    by Brayden Sawatzky

  31. Stella Johnson says:

    Many thanks to the
    for their support and sponsorship of the “Arts ECO Salon”

  32. Stella Johnson says:

    Many thanks to our latest sponsor the

  33. Stella Johnson says:

    We are thrilled to have a gifted, up and coming photographer Kimberly Strain join the 100 tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon” WELCOME KIMBERLY!!!

    Kimberly is passionate about photography and is happy to be a part of the event. As a volunteer for The Reach Gallery Museum, she recently photographed the Fraser Valley 2011 Biennale Arts & Cultural Fair, The Reach Discovery Run (2011) and the Youth Art Action Heritage (YAAH) play, “Youth UnMasked” (2010).

    Other highlights have included the publication of two pictures in the Abbotsford News myCity Abbotsford 2011 tourism supplement, the use of her mask picture in the promotion of “Youth UnMasked,” and the selection of one of her works for a non-profit silent art auction in Seattle (2009).

    Kimberly continually seeks to learn as much as she can about photography and hopes to expand her knowledge in the future.

  34. Stella Johnson says:

    Brayden Sawatzky, welcome to 100tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon”
    Saturday September 24th 1pm at the REACH GALLERY MUSEUM ABBOTSFORD!!!!

    Brayden Sawatzky has been an avid nature lover since his childhood in the 1970’s, and is pleased to be participating in the “Arts ECO Salon” in support of nature and sustainability!!!
    He is a very active member of the The MSA Poets Potpourri Society and is currently its president!

    Poetry is life –
    the spark that lights the fire of truth
    the caress awakening us to love
    the mystery of devotion
    propelling rich emotion.

    Brayden Sawatzky

  35. Stella Johnson says:

    Elder Ray Silver SR. from the Sumas First Nation, will be participating in the 100tpc “Arts ECO Salon” Sept 24th 1pm at the REACH!!! Mr Silver is in his 80s, an advocate for nature and the environment, who has first hand witnessed the changing local ECO-landscape!

  36. Stella Johnson says:

    Welcome Lynn Perrin to the 100tpc “Arts ECO Salon” on September 24th at the REACH , GALLERY, MUSEUM, ABBOTSFORD!!!

    Lynn has been an Agricultural Land Reserve advocate in Abbotsford since 1977 and began practising sustainable agriculture as a small lot / small scale farmer in Bradner at that time. Their farm produced free range pork / poultry and grass fed beef in the late 1970. The farm provided meat /poultry for up to 20 families a year for 17 years. Lynn opposed the removal of 1200 acres of ALR land in the City in the Country Plan as a member of ALR Protection and Enhancement Committee. Member of the steering committee for the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market . My thesis for an SFU Master of Public Policy was ”Policies to Promote the Security and Development of Farmers’ Markets in B.C.”

  37. Brayden Sawatzky says:

    Spirit To Spirit

    Spirit to spirit we come to restore
    eyes and ears awake together
    as we dance to touch our destiny:
    the dream of earth redeemed
    from decadence to harmony.

    Spirit to spirit rejoined we fly
    refreshed and romanced
    as soaring eagles
    from oceans to heavens
    releasing our visions
    expressing our joys –
    the flame carries on…

    by Brayden Sawatzky

  38. Stella Johnson says:

    Welcome Kat Wahamaa… the 100tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon”

    Kat Wahamaa tells timeless stories of love, life, death and redemption. With her eclectic mix of roots, jazz, folk & blues and a “voice you can take a bath in” comparisons range from kd lang to Joan Baez.

    She is a composer/recording artist and has released 4 independent CD projects, toured internationally, appeared on various compilation CD’s, and been nominated for awards. Her music has been used in theater and film. She is currently trying to draw attention to conflict gravel mining operations in the Fraser Valley that are destroying irreplaceable ecosystems including salmon spawning areas and vital watersheds.

  39. Stella Johnson says:

    Poster design for 100tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon”
    Poster design using official Images/logo of 100tpc
    Thank you to Paul Falardeau………..for co-designing the final poster design!!!

  40. Stella Johnson says:

    Many thanks to our sponsors!

    Abbotsford Art Gallery
    Abbotsford Arts Council
    Allegra design print web
    House of Fine Art
    MSA Poets Potpourrie Society

  41. Stella Johnson says:

    Better Living Through Verse:

    A Sustainable Poetics

    An afternoon of poetry, spoken word, and
    music, comes to the Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford, at the “first Arts ECO Salon”
    as poets, musicians, artists, ECO-advocates and environmentalists share the stage to express views concerning environmental challenges & sustainability through artistic expression!

    An open mic and discussion will follow the scheduled program.

    100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE, the largest poetry reading in history is scheduled to take place simultaneously on September 24th to promote environmental, social, and political change.

    A harvest of
    offerings by:
    Dr. Lucia Gorea
    Robert Martens
    Deborah Kelly
    Shelley Haggard
    Paul Falardeau
    Brayden Sawatzky
    Elder Ray Silver Sr.
    Patricia Ross
    John Vissers
    Willis Taylor
    Kat Wahamaa
    Lynn Perrin
    Chris Friesen
    Daan Van der Kroon
    ..and more

    To be held at THE REACH 32388 Veterans Way
    Saturday, September 24, 2011 @ 1:00pm 604 864 8087
    For more information on 100 Thousand Poets For Change visit or email

    Many thanks to our sponsors!

    Abbotsford Art Gallery
    Abbotsford Arts Council
    Allegra design print web
    House of Fine Art

    MSA Poets Potpourrie Society

  42. Stella Johnson says:

    Stella Johnson
    ‎”To halt the decline of an ecosystem, it is necessary to think like an ecosystem.”

    – Douglas P. Wheeler, EPA Journal, September-October 1990

  43. Stella Johnson says:

    Stella Johnson

    ‎”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    – Margaret Mead (1901-1978) quoted in John M. RIchardson, ed. Making it Happen, 1982

  44. Stella Johnson says:

    Welcome Willis Taylor!!!

    On board Sept 24, at the ”Arts ECO Salon” will be the no other than Willis Taylor, a favorite community performer, who will share his lyrics on environmental sustainability!

    Willis is currently A Drama/Media teacher at Yale Secondary School. He is a veteran director of a host of High school and Community Theatre productions and the lead singer of the indie band Madflower.
    Catch their album Lead pill on cdbaby.

  45. Rita Carrington says:

    correccion: Jesus Cruz Sanchez de Tepic Nayarit es la persona que esta promoviendo este proyecto. despues que yo lei lo que el esta proponiendo, decidi ayudar a la causa que es muy importante ahora en dia ya que nuestra fauna marina se esta escaseando mucho.

    correction: Jesus Cruz Sanchez from Tepic Nayarit is the person that is promoting this project. After I read what he is proposing, I decide to help to his cause that is very important now in days, since our marine fauna is desapearing very fast.

  46. Rita Carrington says:

    Acudí a la invitación que hizo Iniciativa Mexico, para que participaramos con proyectos o ideas que impacten en beneficio de la comunidad y del medio ambiente y por este conducto pido a mis contactos, amigos y familiares, que abran la pagin…a de youtube y se vayan a “iniciativa mexico.wmv” e ingresen a la pagina de comentarios y escriban su opinion, eso me daria la oportunidad de ayudar al medio ambiente tambien.

    muchisimas gracias de antemano.

    atentamente: theDelfin5

    este es mi usuario de youtube.

  47. Stella Johnson says:

    Steve will not be able to join us on Sept.24th, but he sends his regards!

    At breakfast I look out the picture window in our dining room at the line of evergreens on a ridge about three blocks away, behind our friend Jeanette’s house. There a small group of Great Blue Herons have been nesting since early in the spring, Jeanette refers to them as her Pterodactyl-birds. They fly in from foraging at the river, majestically, like Viking ships gliding into shore, and land so weightlessly on the tiny branches at the very peak of the trees, without disturbing their repose; you would think they had no weight at all! I think about how long they have survived as a species, since the late Cretaceous some 70 million years ago; and myriad changes to the landscape, from semi-tropical climates to ice ages they have weathered and survived what the world could throw at them, and here they still are. On the other hand, we as a species have not been here in our present form for even a million years. Yet as latecomers, to 3 billion years of life, we have the unmitigated arrogance to consider ourselves to be the culmination and purpose of all the evolutionary development on this planet! We can, and probably will, bring about the destruction of most of the life on this world within this very century. As our “needs” outstrip the resources of the Earth to supply them, our selfish greed will cause us to destroy our neighbours, eventually even the human ones, in our lust for personal fulfillment, our current existence is unsustainable. How then do we measure the success of a species? Who has been more successful, human or heron; who has squandered the most resources; who has stood the breadth of time? I see the case of the mountain pine beetle as a cycle, a temporary surge in population resulting in the decimation of their food source and their own decline, probably to isolated pockets. Then the eventual regrowth of the forest, a process that will take centuries, forcing the pine beetle populations to remain small and isolated, until the lodge pole pine makes its own resurgence, allowing the cycle to repeat. Perhaps conditions will cause an offshoot of one of the species to succeed and there will be a new species develop, either a new tree or a new beetle, or perhaps something else to which the cycle has been a catalyst; but that is Life on this world, that is how it works, until something comes along to upset the balance; we upset this balance.
    Steve Fultz 9:11am Aug 8

  48. Stella Johnson says:

    THE REACH gallery museum Abbotsford………… hosting the 100 Thousand Poets for
    Change Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon!!!! Thank You!
    for more information on THE REACH please go to

  49. Stella Johnson says:

    Welcome, to Abbotsford BC Canada, “A City in the Country” ……….only one hour from Vancouver. For more information please go to

    • Stella Johnson says:

      Abbotsford is known for it’s Air Show…………….how environmentally friendly is it? ……………must look into this!!!!!

  50. Christelle Weirich says:

    I hope it is not to late!!!!!!!!!

    There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi

  51. Stella Johnson says:

    ECO-HOLIC, ENVIRONMENTALIST, concerned citizen, public servant, idea generator……………JOHN VISSERS…………will be speaking/reading at the
    100tpc – Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon”

    Welcome John!!!!
    …………………………….A Haiku by John Vissers

    Look at me now!

    Ha, look at me now…..
    Thrashing my arms in the sea…
    I’m turning the tide!

    John Vissers is a closet poet and runs a small construction business in the Fraser Valley.
    A long time member of the Abbotsford Environmental Advisory Committee, he is also a recipient of the Order of Abbotsford and a United Way Community Mentor Award. John participates in local, provincial, federal and international environment efforts.
    Presently he is helping with Zero Waste BC, Rail for the Valley, Sumas Mountain Old Growth Preservation and Resilient Communities Canada.

  52. Stella Johnson says:

    Paul Falardeau, WELCOME to 100tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon, Sept 24

    Paul Falardeau is an emerging poet, essayist and journalist. A recent graduate of the University of the Fraser Valley, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. While at UFV Paul was the Arts and Life editor of The Cascade, a CIVL radio DJ, and president of Students for Sustainability. He has also been associated with the Mission World Community Film Festival and regularly contributes to the Pacific Rim review of Books. His latest published work was his essay of Robert Bringhurst (“The Great Story of British Columbia: Robert Bringhurst and Haida Oral Literature”), which appeared in the Anvil Press Release, Making Waves: Reading BC and Pacific Northwest Literature. He is currently living in Aldergrove, BC where he continues to write poetry and work as a planner of literary events.

    Looking forward to hear about the efforts of the UFV STUDENTS FOR SUSTAINABILITY!!!

  53. Stella Johnson says:

    Shelley Haggard, reading at 100tpc in Abbotsford BC Canada, at the first “Arts ECO Salon”

  54. Stella Johnson says:

    The excitement is escalating as…….. another local poet joins 100tpc “Arts ECO Salon” in Abbotsford…………..and the global movement!!!

    Welcome Shelley Haggard,

    Shelley Haggard, has won several prizes in poetry contest and has been published widely in various anthologies; many of these poems are included in her first book effort. ‘The Haggard Road’, published this spring. Some of her photography is included as well. Shelley was born in Fort St.John, BC and now resides in Mission. She began writing at an early age and likes to say she has left no inner or outer stone un-turned. Please check out her video poems at

  55. Stella Johnson says:

    Welcome, Deborah to 100tpc Abbotsford “Arts ECO Salon” on Sept.24th.

    Deborah Kelly was born in Fort Churchill, Manitoba, now resides in North Vancouver BC.
    Poetry helped a shy and timid teenager find her voice and rediscover herself. Poetry came naturally and has been her passion for 40 years.
    Deborah has been published in anthologies, books and newsletters in many different countries, ie. Quill Books, (USA), and the Taj Mahal Review,
    International Literary Journal, (India).

  56. Stella Johnson says:

    Stella Johnson
    Stella Johnson
    I am please to announce that ………………..

    Robert Martens a local poet and writer will be reading at the 100tpc “Arts ECO Salon”
    Robert is a Fraser Valley favorite whose poems speak from the wisdom of the heart. He earned his BA in English literature from Simon Fraser University, and his writing on local history and culture has earned him recognition as Literary Artist of the Year in Abbotsford. His works appear in “Half in the Sun”, “Anthology of Mennonite Writers” and “Down in the Valley”.

    Wall Photos

  57. Yolanda Schella says:

    I am happy to be participating on 24 Sept/11 at the ARTS ECO SALON in Abbotsford about the *Domino Effect.*

    Write a comment…


    • Stella Johnson says:

      Dear Ms Yolanda……………..thank you for reponding to the call for participants for the Abbotsford-100TPC at the “Arts ECO Salon” on Sep.24. Everyone is welcome, professional poets and emerging poets…..all voices will be heard!
      Stella Johnson

  58. Stella Johnson says:

    Stella Johnson
    Abbotsford – 100 Thousand Poets For Change “Arts ECO Salon”

    Abbotsford – 100 Thousand Poets for Change are pleased to announce that
    Dr. Lucia Gorea will be one of the guest poets at the first “Arts ECO Salon” on September 24th.

    Dr. Gorea is an award-winning poet, widely published writer, and English/ESL professor at UBC. She is the author of several poetry and English specialty books. Dr. Gorea is the founder and host of “Poetry Around the World, ” a monthly multicultural poetry reading event in Vancouver. She is also a radio co-host at 102.7FM; TV poetry segment.

  59. Marlisa Power says:

    Hi Stella – inspiring event. Can offer co-ordinating and marketing assistance. M

    • Stella Johnson says:

      Thank you Marlisa………….estatic to have you on board, we can sure use you energy and expertise!!!!
      Thursday night at the JAM!

  60. Stella Johnson says:

    please check out also Abbotsford 100tpc……….event page on fb……………..Stella

  61. Mary says:


    We will be doing a beach cleanup with Fraser Riverkeeper (local non-profit where I work) to start off the day around noon. This is a yearly Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. After that, I’m working with a couple poets to figure out a plan…but they’re out of town until June, so nothing concrete yet. Hoping for a poetry reading related to the environment somehow — that’s also day.

    • Stella Johnson says:

      Hi Mary…………..still making contacts with the arts community………..had several responces…………..things are slowly coming together…………..this is typical…..will keep you posted!

  62. Stella Johnson says:

    Hi everyone…………………please check out our event on facebook at Abbotsford100 Thousandpoetsforchange.

  63. Mary says:

    Hi Stella,

    We have another poets for change event happening in Vancouver! Howdy, neighbor! I am also still looking for volunteers, though think I may have found a couple.

    • Stella Johnson says:

      Hi Mary

      I have put out a few posts……………..waiting for a few days, before I start making one on one contacts.

      Keep me posted of your plans. Maybe we can help each other?

      Thanks for contacting me!


  64. Stella Johnson says:

    Artists, activists, advocates………………….join the event!

  65. Stella Johnson says:

    Please contact me if you are interested in being part of the organizing committee and or to volunteer your talents, we need you. I am compling a list, would like to have your support!

    Poets, writers……………sign up……………………and please pass on this global opportunity to your friends!

    This is intended to be a community inclusion event!


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