The Change Within – Cape Town, South Africa

ORGANIZER: Toni Giselle Stuart


100 000 Poets for Change, Cape Town
The Change Within – Saturday September 24, 2011
Every voice has a tune. Every heart has a beat. And the world is large enough to hold all of us side by side drumming in unison and in cacophony. But what happens in the silence? What happens in the moments when the music of daily living dies down? When we lay down our instruments of questioning, building, fighting, creating, arguing, learning, debating and developing? Do we like what rings out from us in the silence…or do we run away from it?
100 000 Poets for Change is a global movement of poets across the world – from Brazil to Japan to Italy and America – are hosting events on Saturday September 24, to make their voices heard in calling for change. I Am Somebody! will host an event in Cape Town, looking at the change within each of us. What is required of each of us to bring about change? And, what change do we need to create within ourselves?
Join us, for an afternoon of poetry as emerging and established poets talk about The Change Within. For details, email Toni Stuart on
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