100 Thousand Poets for Change: The Chicago Arm

100 Thousand Poets for Change: The Chicago Arm


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As we previously reported, Michael Rothenberg’s 100 Thousand Poets for Change is set for September 24th. Here is a quick follow-up on the city of Chicago’s involvement. Introducing Bad Date America, spearheaded by Chicago poets Larry Sawyer and Lina Ramona Vitkauskas, who for their contribution ask Chicago poets to “Go on a date with America.” From the blog:

In Chicago, Larry Sawyer, and Lina ramona Vitkauskas will be asking poets to go on a hypothetical “date” with America as the satellite event in Chicago for 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and asking them to recall some of their worst dating experiences, read a poem and talk about what’s going wrong and what they think is going right with America. Join thousands of others worldwide on Sept. 24.

It’s Bad Date America.

What you wish to talk about is up to you: gender issues, racism, poverty, global warming (funny how the media changed it from “climate change”), health care, financial regulation, the Bilderbergers, how much you love Chris Matthews, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Nick Demske etc.

America’s place in the world is precarious and this effort at community building intends to start some dialogue and also poke fun at the national leaders that brought us to this place.

Please write to milkmag@rcn.com to be in included in Bad Date America now. Bad Date America is also brought to you by Jennifer Karmin in conjunction with Red Rover Series {readings that play with reading: also curated by Laura Goldstein}. Please also contact Jennifer Karmin at jkarmin@yahoo.com for further details about this upcoming event.



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