Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here’s an event in Winston-Salem led by Valerie Nieman(Press 53).


This is a workshop for children.

It takes place from 1-4 at the Witherspoon Art Gallery in Winston-Salem.

In NC we’re using the Subtitle, Writers for Education. Our state just cut 13,000 teacher positions because the Republican-dominated legislature didn’t want to extend a 3/4 of 1 percent sales tax. The UNC School of the Arts barely escaped closure due to the mandated 15% cut to the university system. The NC Arts Council has had to reduce programming and staff. To show our support for the arts in general, and writing in particular, we are offering a series of workshops and readings throughout the state. The first one we set up will be taught by poet and fiction writer Valerie Nieman, who publishes with Press 53. This is a workshop for children.
It takes place from 1-4 at the Witherspoon Art Gallery in Winston-Salem.

Peeking Behind the Mask.
Each day we go about our routine lives, but inside we are superheroes or explorers, pirates or rock stars, hiding our secret identities behind a mask of an unassuming face and daily clothes. With the backdrop of Weatherspoon’s current exhibition, “Persona: A Body in Parts,” we’ll explore our own secret identities and “peek behind the mask” of famous folks (real or fictional) to imagine their thoughts and lives. One way to enter this secret world is to write a persona poem – persona meaning mask – in which we give a voice to that alternate identity. Join poet and novelist Valerie Nieman in the Weatherspoon lobby for a drop-in poetry experience for all ages. In addition, use a variety of materials to create your own magnificent mask to wear. At 3:00 pm we’ll celebrate with live improvisational jazz and a spoken word sharing.

Press 53 in Winston-Salem is going to ‘stock’ the tables at Wolfie’s on 4th Street with poems. So all the customers will have an assortment of poems to pursue as they down their Wolfie’s frozen custard and Krankie’s coffee.

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