Baltimore City and the Outer Limits

After I sent out the initial call for my recordings project, I’ve been getting numerous requests to participate from people outside the Baltimore Metropolitan area. At first I thought this’d be a detriment to the project, since I am trying to highlight the city’s voices. But it occurs to me now that I cannot relegate such voices to a particular city, nor perhaps, even, to a region. Baltimore’s poets and readers have relationships outside the city, and I think, with the help of folks like Justin Sirois, Michael Ball, Adam Robinson, Julie Fisher – just to name a handful of the milieu – people have been turned on to what’s happening here, and folks here to what’s happening in other parts of the country, but most especially in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York City, York, Alexandria – obviously there’re too many to mention here. Let my goal be, then, from here on out, be, not only the voices of the city, but of the relationship of these voices to other voices, in the regions and locales that surround us.

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