Poetas Del Mundo-Belgrade, Serbia

ORGANIZER: Duska Vrhovac, Ambassador to Serbia of Poetas Del Mundo
CONTACT: duskavrhovac@beotel.rs
Poets of the world (Poetas del Mundo) in Serbia will organize a common program
with the Association of Writers of Serbia and Serbian Literary Society . 


‎100 Thousand Poets for Change – Belgrade (Serbia) In Francuska Street, number 7, a home to writers of Serbia, on September 24th, starting at 6 PM, about 40 poets from several cities, different generations and different genres of poetry, in front of the full large hall of Association of Writers of Serbia, gave its contribution to global action 100 Thousand Poets for Change. It all started with reciting a poem Our days by Vladislav Petkovic Dis, which was written 101 years ago and which, with its amazing currency, appears as written today. As a tribute to freethinking, and continuously engaged prophetic spirit of the Serbian poetry, this small recital was performed by: Dusko Novakovic, Duska Vrhovac, Miljurko Vukadinovic, Milica Lilic, Nemanja Mitrovic, Slobodanka Zivkovic, Zivko Nikolic & Zorica Arsic. Pointing out, that for almost a century, nothing has changed, only a form has kept changing, the essence remained the same, an evil has not been getting smaller, a good has not been getting bigger, reciting these poems gave the answer to the question about the state of mind among us, the general state of mind. Afterwards Duska Vrhovac, Ambassador of movement, Poets of the world in Serbia, who was the initiator and organizer of this event, spoke about the power of word and the importance of protest, naming what it is necessary to change, at least when it comes to the local level. Reminding of the greats of the world’s poetry, who were warning and protesting, with their verses, at their own times, Milica Lilic recited verses of Marina Cvetaeva, Dusko Novakovic recited verses of Adam Zagajevski, Duska Vrhovac Allen Ginsberg’s verses, and Vjekoslav Vukadin Desanka Maksimovic’s. In the evening arrived greetings from another group of poets, who performed their performance in front of the Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, and from poets Nebojsa Devetak, Sasa Jelenkovic and Ranko Pavlovic, who were not able to come. The evening was ended with an agreement that the proposed petitions and protests unify and address to the appropriate authorities, and recited poems and said material to be published in one volume. In the closing argument, Duska Vrhovac called for action throughout the year and scheduled a reunion on September 24th 2012. Participants: Duska Vrhovac, Dusko Novakovic, Milica Jeftimijevic Lilic, Miljurko Vukadinovic, Janko Vujinovic, Zorica Arsic, Milos Jankovic Nemanja Mitrovic, Zivko Nikolic, Slobodanka Zivkovic, Petar Knezevic, Tomislav Stevanovic, Milko Grbovic, Vlasta Sarkamenac, Vida Nenadic, Rade Djokanović, Zlata Nesic, Vjekoslav Vukadin, Danilo Jokanovic, Darinka Dara Trifkovic …

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    100 Thousand Poets for Change

    U Francuskoj 7, u domu pisaca Srbije, 24. septembra, sa početkom u 18 sati, oko 40 pesnika iz nekoliko gradova, raznih generacija i raznih poetskih žanrova, pred punom velikom salom Udruženja književnika Srbije, dalo je svoj doprinos svetskoj akciji 100 HILJADA PESNIKA ZA PROMENE (100 Thousand Poets for Change).

    Sve je počelo kazivanjem pesme NAŠI DANI Vladislava Petkovića Disa, koja je napisana pre 101 godinu i koja se, svojom neverovatnom aktuelnošću, doima kao danas napisana. Kao omaž slobodarskom, profetskom i kontinuirano angažovanom duhu srpskog pesništva ovaj mali recital izveli su: Duško Novaković, Duška Vrhovac, Miljurko Vukadinović, Milica Lilić, Nemanja Mitrović, Slobodanka Živković, Živko Nikolić i Zorica Arsić.

    Ukazujući na to da se za čitav jedan vek gotovo ništa nije promenilo, da se menjala samo forma, a suština je ostajala ista, zlo se nije smanjivalo, a dobro nije raslo, izvođenjem ove pesme dat je odgovor na pitanje o Stanju duha u nas, o stanju duha uopšte.
    Potom je Duška Vrhovac, ambasador pokreta Pesnici sveta u Srbiji, koja je bila i inicijator ovog skupa, govorila o MOĆI REČI i o ZNAČAJU PTORESTA, imenujući šta je to što je neophodno promeniti, makar kada se radi o lokalnom nivou.

    Podsećajući na velikane svetske poeyije, koji su svojim stihovima, u svoje doba, upozoravali i protestovali, Milica Lilić je govorila stihove Marine Cvetajeve, Duško Novaković stihove Adama Zagajevskog, Duška Vrhovac stihove Alena Ginzberga, a Vjekoslav Vukadin stihove Desanke Maksimović.

    U toku večeri pristigli su i pozdravi druge grupe pesnika, koja je svoj performans izvodila na platou ispred Paviljona Cvijete Zuzorić, koje je lično preneo …. kao i pesnika Nebojše Devetaka, Saše Jelenkovića i Ranka Pavlovića, koji su bili sprečeni da dođu.
    Veče je završeno dogovorom da se predložene peticije i protesti objedine i upute odgovarajućim institucijama, a da se pročitani radove objave u jednom zborniku. U svojoj završnoj reči Duška Vrhovac je pozvala na delovanje tokom čitave godine i zakazala okupljanje i 24. septembra 2012. godine.

    Duška Vrhovac, Duško Novaković, Milica Jeftimijević Lilić, Miljurko Vukadinović, Janko Vujinović, Zorica Arsić, Miloš Janković, Nemanja Mitrović, Živko Nikolić, Slobodanka Živković, Petar Knežević, Tomislav Stevanović, Milko Grbović, Vlasta Šarkamenac, Vida Nenadić, Rade Đokanović, Zlata Nešić, Milko Grbović, Vjekoslav Vukadin, Danilo Jokanović, Darinka Dara Trifović…

  2. On Saturday, 24 September 2011,
    the first time in the history of literature at the same time poets (and also writers of all genre, musicians, interpreters and other artists) at the same time, due to time difference, all day, in 95 countries worldwide, in 450 cities and about 650 events talk about anything that requires immediate changes on our planet Earth: about politics, economics, ecology, poverty, warfare and the necessity of peace and love for all…

    At the same time it will be the confirmation that social networks undoubtedly contributing to the speed of information while connecting people around the world and their usefulness depends on the motives and methods of use, like everything else in real and virtual world.

    Our poets, members of the movement Poets of the world (Poetas del Mundo), the Writers’ Association of Serbia and the Serbian Literary Society in Belgrade will give its contribution to the campaign gathering in the Home of writers
    St. Francuska 7, at 6:00 pm
    referring to the topic: “State of mind – the power of words – the importance of protest.”

    Besides Belgrade, in Serbia the events on this occasion will be held in Novi Sad, Nis, Krusevac, Pirot, Stara Pazova, Kikinda, Cacak …


    Poets are a gang,
    pretending nomads,
    indecisive interpreters
    of banalities and eternity.
    They are useless seekers,
    intemperate lovers,
    hunters of lost words,
    the spies of roads and seas.

    Poets are vain gardeners
    of overgrown royal gardens,
    vanguards of star derailments,
    messengers of sunken ships,
    desecrators of secret paths,
    crafty repairers of the Ursa Major
    and the Ursa Minor,
    collectors оf astral dust.

    Poets are thieves of illusions,
    troubadours of rejected utopias,
    seducers of any kind,
    tasters of poisoned food,
    prodigal sons and professional seducers,
    heroes which spontaneously
    put their heads at the guillotine
    at which they are also executioners.

    Poets are the crowned guardians
    of language’s proper being,
    lovers of unsolvable mysteries,
    charlatans and pimps.
    They are the favourites of gods,
    tasters of magic drinks,
    and crazy squanderers
    of their own lives.

    Poets are the last offshoots
    of the most delicate sort of cosmic beings,
    cultivators of the soul’s white flowers,
    unreliable creators of untenable worlds.
    Poets are interpreters of lost signs,
    carriers of important messages,
    a warning that Life is endless
    and Universe an unfinished project.

    Poets are fireflies on the junkyard of the Cosmos,
    conquerors of the colourful rainbow belt
    and performers of the holy music
    of the cosmic birth.
    Poets are invisible companions
    in the silence of sense and absurdity
    of all the visible and the invisible.
    Poets are my only, true brothers.

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