Uzhupis Republic, Lithuania

ORGANIZER: Tomas Chepaitis



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  1. …and i forgot to mention 5-th paricipant in Uzhupis – it’s an IGSI studio, featuring Dylan Thomas

  2. Finally,

    is an 100.000 + 5 Poets for Change
    Uzhupis Republic, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 24-th 2011

  3. Thomas Chepaitis says:

    On Saturday 4 [poets read in Uzhupis Republic
    Thomas Chepaitis – poem dedicated to St.Bartholomew in English
    Viktor Denisenko – his poems in Russian and Lithuanian
    Gediminas Skvarnevichius – haikus from a window
    Tadeusz Czerpa – Uzhupis in the mist (fragments in Lithuanian)
    also Tadas Mekushka (trumpet) was present.
    Everything was filmed by Kastytis Machiunas and would be posted in time.

    and here is a donation from Uzhupis Embassy in Cyberia

    Poets want to change?
    But just what should I re-arrange?

    I got peace and friends and heaps of arty time,
    in fact I feel fine! There is something wrong?

    Do tell as here it seemed so well…. well!
    I hunted shrooms and dug carrots and now come back to see.

    Marcus Petz

  4. Thomas Chepaitis says:

    We will read on Saturday 16:00-18:00 Vilnius time (GMT+2 h) in Uzhupis republic, also Uzhupis ambassadors will read in Moscow, Dresden, Oslo, and other places and then upload to this page.

  5. Thomas Chepaitis says:

    Uzhupis Rpublic is an artistic district in Vilnius, Lithuania who declared Independence in 1998.
    It has it’s own flag, anthem, constitution, president, cabinet of ministers.
    National totem animal – duck
    Independence Day – April 1-st
    Motto – Uzhupis is so small, that everyone will find a place here.
    In fact, Uzhupis has 7 thousand inhabitants. Hundreds of pilgrims and tourists visit it every day.
    Main attractions are statue of Angel, Constitution Wall and Cafe-Parliament.
    Uzhupis republic has now 287 ambassadors everywhere, including Poetry, Sunflowers, Wind, Canadian Cats and much more.
    It has also 9 bridges, where we will start ur par of 100.000 poets for Change/

    Yours, Užupis Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Ch.

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