Guerilla Haiku Movement: Minneapolis, Minnesota

ORGANIZER: Caley Vickerman

The Guerilla Haiku Movement is on a mission to cover Minneapolis in poetry, as part of 100000 Poets for Change, and you’re invited. If you’ve got the verse, we’ll have the chalk. Once equipped, you can scribble sidewalk rhymes at your leisure or set off on an optional scavenger hunt to help find new canvases and bring passers-by in on the fun. Organizer Caley Vickerman started by asking people to write haikus to one another, first in theater exercises, then on the streets of New York City. The movement has since blossomed into a seven-city fall tour, with hundreds of on-the-street poets ready to pounce — and Minneapolis is the sixth stop. Haiku of all themes and lettering of all forms are welcome, so seek out your spot and let those syllables fly. (Philadelphia City Paper)

When: September 24th: 2pm-6pm
Where: Spitting Turtle Fountain @ Lake Harriet Rose Gardens (Meeting Place- then we head out in teams all over the city- contact the Haiku Mistress if you miss the meeting point: 917.715.5976)
Why: For the pure joy of it. Because we are all full of poetry.
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