Byre Theatre, Nicosia- (WPM)

Neshe Yashin: Byre Theatre in St Andrews at 3.00pm, Lokmaci

StAnza took part in a worldwide round of poetry readings on Saturday 24th September, organised by the World Poetry Movement. A small but beautifully assembled group of poetry folk gathered in the sunlit Byre Theatre, surrounded by a hefty pile of books and plenty of coffee to replenish us during an afternoon of informal readings and chat.

Ours was just one of 874 poetry readings and events in 540 cities in 107 countries that were planned, with the emphasis on promoting peaceful international links.

And indeed, from our comfy chairs, we managed to cross oceans and continents, choosing poetry that was new to us, inspiring, or by poets we knew and wanted to share. From the Seine to Struga, from Palestine to the shores of California, it was quite a journey. And, in the spirit of Cavafy, having enjoying the travelling, we might set out on another trip soon.



Organized by World Poetry Movement

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