Casa de la Rectoria-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (WPM)

ORGANIZER: Lucy Vicioso: Biblioteca Pedro Mir, dela Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

On the morning of September 24th at Casa de la Rectoría, 9am to 10 am in the Ciudad Colonial of Santo Domingo. Casa´s address is Calle Las Damas esquina Conde. There will be a drumming group followed by lunch.

After this event, participants plan to move to the second recital, at 5 PM at Parque Fray Bartolomé de las Casas.

ectura matutina:
10.30       Bienvenida, poeta Cesar Zapata
Lectura Declaracion Mundial, Chiqui Vicioso
Lectura Declaracion Local, Alexei Tellerias



10a.m. Parque Independencia

Lecturas en Academia de Ciencias:

11a.m.-1 p.m.

Jovine Bermudez
Leon Feliz Batista
Alexei Tellerias
Enrique Eusebio
Manuel Garcia Cartagena
Cesar Zapata
Elsa Baez
Samuel Gregoire



Geo Ripley
Sarah Meran
Mateo Morrison
Eduardo Gautreau Dewind
Gaston Saint Fleur
Chiqui Vicioso
Luis Carvajal
Otros y otras…..



Organized by World Poetry Movement

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2 Responses to Casa de la Rectoria-Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (WPM)

  1. chiqui vicioso says:

    We met at ten in the morning in Santo Domingo´s main park as planned. From there we march thru El Conde, the central street of the colonial zone, at the sound of drums. When we arrived at the House of the Academies there was a group of poets and writers waiting. We started the reading with a ceremony held by four Chamans, three of the african tradition and one of the andean cult. We springled everyone with water.
    The poets who read were: Marta Rivera, Ramon Saba, Oscar Hungria, Eduardo Gautreau, Tomas Castro, Geo Ripley, Chiqui Vicioso, Victor Hugo, Cesar Zapata, Glen Parks, Simon Gregoire, Azucena del Valle and Naranjita Verde, they represented the Dominican Diaspora, the haitian community and different generations.
    The gathering was attended by two musical groups of singers, one from Sainagua in San Cristobal and the other from Villa Mella, they brought cantadoras de misterios, in the best african santeria tradition. We all dressed in white.

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