How (and why) To Use Your Event Location Blog Page

Your Event Location Blog Page is an overall essential part of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change global initiative. Posting and sharing on the Event Location Blog Pages helps create community, a global community. And although the 100 TPC Facebook Event Page does a great job to create community and is easy to use as a hub for communication, it can’t (and won’t) become an archive or a permanent document of the entire process and outcome of this event. This is what the site is for. Feel free to copy and paste chat threads or comments from Facebook to your Event Location Blog Page that you feel should be preserved.

Stanford University, historically known as a world leader in research, and known for its excellence in academics here in the United States has recognized 100 Thousand Poets for Change as a historical event and has decided to archive all of your event pages at as part of their LOCKSS program.

Your Event Location Blog Page at the 100TPC site and all its content will be preserved forever.

Learn more about LOCKSS at:

After September 24th, all the Event Location Blog Pages together will become not only a huge document of the entire initiative, and all its parts, and your participation in this global initiative, but also an important archive of contemporary world poetry.



★ Go to

★ On the right side of the home page is the sidebar with the Event Locations
menu, find your COUNTRY’S name.

★ After you find your country, for example India, you will notice the dropdown
menu showing all the cities with events. There is also a number (26) next to
the country which represents the number of events in that country.

★ If you do not see your city, it may be that that country has less than 4 events,
for example Chile (3) so the cities will not show up as a dropdown

★ You will need to click on the black arrow next to the country to expand
that dropdown menu of cities.

★ Once you see your city, select it. This will take you to the main event Location
Blog Page for you city/event. If there is more than one event in your city, you
should click on your specific event post on the page. (for example: Tsunami
Books, Paris, France).

★ Once you select your city or specific city event, it will take you to that Event
Location Blog Page. You have arrived!

★ Now, scroll down to the Leave a Reply box.

★ Inside the WHITE BOX is where you want to type your message, and/or if you
are more advanced you can enter some HTML as described below the box.

★ You can also “embed” code for a video. This option is available on YouTube
when you choose “share” under the video you want to put on your page.
Other sites also offer “embed” codes. Copy and paste that code into the
comment box on your Event Location Blog Page. This will make the video
viewable right there your page!

★ And/or you can also upload a file from your computer by clicking the “choose
file” button below the box. This will upload an image, like a jpg., directly onto
the page, or make a file (for example a pdf. or doc.) a link on your page, which
will then open that file, according to type, on the users computers.

★ Once you have added all your stuff, you’re ready to “Post Comment”, but

.…before you “Post Comment” to publish your post,

★ make sure to check the little white box below the comment area to subscribe
to your Event Location Blog Page and ensure you receive email notices when
people reply/comment/ask questions on your page.

★ It also gives the option to “subscribe” without commenting for those who wish
to get notices but might not be ready to post or comment on anything just yet.
Organizers should encourage participants to “subscribe” to their Event Location Blog Page to stay in the loop and be aware of the activity going on there.

★ Okay, now you can “Post Comment” and view what you just added to your
page. Check to make sure images are viewable and links are linkable and that
everything is in place after you have finished.

You should make announcements regularly to reach all your participants and keep them updated and engaged. Also, remember that your page will very likely be viewed by other organizers and participants, in other cities and countries, helping to connect everyone involved in 100 TPC throughout the world.

★ And finally (phew!), before you leave, make sure to also
subscribe to the RSS Feed by clicking on the little orange square
found in the top right social media menu of the home page.

The RSS Feed will send you all the “Daily News and Important Updates” about 100 TPC right to you RSS mailbox as they are posted on the site. News of new sign ups, details on events, links to press coverage, etc, will keep you up to date on information outside of your own Event Location Blog Page postings and news. This feed also allows for comments and replies, which will also show up in your mailbox.

Together, the Event Location Blog Page and RSS feed subscription services should keep all organizers and participants connected, help spread information and inspiration, and facilitate the flow of ideas between all cities and countries involved, strengthening the 100 TPC global community.

This is why it is important for you to use your Event Location Blog Page to your full capacity!

You should make announcements regularly to reach all your participants and keep them updated and engaged. Also, remember that your page will very likely be viewed by other organizers and participants, in other cities and countries, helping to connect everyone involved in 100 TPC throughout the world.

In addition, anyone who looks at the 100 TPC weblog should be able to get a vision of what poets and artists and activists around the world are thinking and concerned about, and give insight into why each of us is participating in the100 Thousand Poets for Change initiative.

So, if you keep a journal, please post some of your journal entries on your page. Post poems by you or others. If you have created flyers, posters, or art that pertains to the event, have copies of newspaper articles, links to discussions on other internet sites and blogs, post it on your 100TPC Event Location Blog Page. The more the merrier! The Event Location Blog Page was created for you and you city!

On another note, if you choose to create your own blog or website for your particular event, that is great! But remember, only having a link to that blog or site from your 100 TPC Event Location Blog Page is not enough to keep it archived. Whatever server it is on most likely will not exist forever. You should make the effort to copy all the information at your own separate site or blog on the Event Location Blog Page at the site to ensure it is part of LOCKSS program.

And of course, it is obvious that much of the material to be posted will be created in the days and weeks following the actual events on September 24! There will be video of readings and performances, documentaries of events, poems written for the occasion, many photos and audio files of people, places and things! So, remember September 24th is not the end of 100 TPC, in a way it is just the beginning.

And most important, as mentioned at the beginning of this letter, your Event Location Blog Page, with all its comments and photos and everything else, will become a permanent archive of your involvement in 100 Thousand Poets for Change!

So, what are you waiting for? Start posting!

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