Official Press Release / Boletin de Prensa

NEW! 100TPC.Release.FINAL.09.18.2012.docx


NUEVO! Boletin-de-Prensa-100-TPC-2012.docx

And please use and share the Virtual Press Kit online now!


100 TPC General Brochure

This is a 4 page brochure about 100 TPC. Feel free to modify the front page to use for your specific event.

100 TPC Brochure.docx

Flyers for printing!   Carteles para imprimir!

Feel free to add your specific event to the text in the docx documents.








New Poster for all to use!
By Youssef Alaoui-organizer for San Luis Obispo.


Posters by Odysseas Milios, Graphic Designer, Volos Greece.

For Poetry- Click on thumbnail to go to full size image for download.

For Music-Click on thumbnail to go to full size image for download.

Logos-Click on images to open .jpg file for download.





Poster by Henrik Aeshna


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