London, England- Niall McDevitt…

ORGANIZERS: Niall McDevitt, Helen Moore and Jay Ramsay




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  1. Niall McDevitt says:

    100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE at the site of William Blake’s birthplace in Soho will be a street event on the steps of a towerblock called WILLIAM BLAKE HOUSE. Poets will gather from 6pm to Midnight. The event will be informal. All poets can participate but we encourage ‘revolutionaries’ not ‘decorators’ i.e. poets who in their writings have consistently addressed the need for change. It will be an outdoor event, no matter what weather. If rain, so be it, the rain will be a symbol of the oppression we stand against. if rainbows, so be it too.

    • Niall McDevitt says:

      Malheureusement, we cannot go ahead with this event as it clashes with the FREE VERSE POETRY BOOK FAIR, an all day event scheduled unwittingly for the same day. Myself and my colleagues from Waterloo Press will be there and it simply ain’t feasible to spend all day at that and then all evening at Blake’s birthplace. I will be dedicating my set to 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE, so a connection will be made. There are four other events in London on Sept 24, if you’re keen. Otherwise, come to FREE VERSE, with hundreds of poets trying to change poetry in the U.K. by releasing alternative poetry via alternative presses.

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